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How to pronounce contravention (audio)

Dictionary definition of contravention

The act of violating or breaching a law, rule, regulation, agreement, or principle.
"The company's actions were in direct contravention of environmental regulations."

Detailed meaning of contravention

It signifies the deliberate disregard or infringement of a specific requirement or restriction. Contravention implies going against the prescribed guidelines or standards, thereby resulting in non-compliance or an illegal action. It can apply to various contexts, including legal, social, ethical, or organizational spheres. When someone or something is in contravention, it indicates a clear deviation from the established norms, expectations, or obligations. The consequences of contravention can vary depending on the severity of the violation and the applicable jurisdiction. It may lead to penalties, fines, legal actions, or other forms of disciplinary measures. Identifying and addressing contraventions are essential for upholding order, maintaining fairness, and ensuring the proper functioning of systems, institutions, and societies.

Example sentences containing contravention

1. A fine was imposed for his blatant contravention of local noise regulations.
2. Contravention of the law leads to consequences, like fines or imprisonment.
3. She was unaware that her actions were in contravention of company policy.
4. The firm faced a penalty due to contravention of environmental laws.
5. His contravention of traffic rules resulted in a severe penalty.
6. In contravention of the treaty, they continued their nuclear tests.

History and etymology of contravention

The noun 'contravention' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'contraventio,' which is formed from 'contra' meaning 'against' and 'venire' meaning 'to come.' This etymology effectively conveys the essence of 'contravention' as the act of figuratively coming against or going against a law, rule, regulation, agreement, or principle. It implies a violation or breach of established norms or standards, often resulting in legal or ethical consequences. The term 'contravention' maintains its etymological connection to the concept of acting against, emphasizing the idea that it involves actions or behaviors that run counter to established guidelines or expectations, leading to a state of non-compliance or violation.

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Further usage examples of contravention

1. The act was a clear contravention of international humanitarian laws.
2. Contravention of ethical standards can tarnish a professional's career.
3. The company’s actions were in contravention of privacy regulations.
4. She received a warning for contravention of the dress code.
5. The contravention of safety protocols led to a major accident.
6. The officer was fired for contravention of the police code of conduct.
7. Public protest surged due to the government's contravention of rights.
8. The business was fined for contravention of health and safety regulations.
9. Contravention of rules in sports can lead to penalties and suspensions.
10. The city sued the factory for contravention of pollution control norms.
11. He was expelled for the contravention of school behavioral guidelines.
12. The activist was jailed for contravention of the state's protest laws.
13. Contravention of building codes often results in construction halts.
14. Their contravention of the agreement led to the termination of the contract.
15. Speeding on the highway is a contravention of traffic laws.
16. The athlete's use of performance-enhancing drugs resulted in a contravention of fair play.
17. The politician's secret financial dealings were in contravention of ethical standards.
18. The tenant's loud parties were in contravention of the apartment complex's noise regulations.
19. The student's plagiarism was a clear contravention of academic integrity.
20. The construction company faced legal consequences for their contravention of safety regulations.
21. The organization was fined heavily for their contravention of labor laws.
22. The company's deceptive advertising practices were found to be in contravention of consumer protection laws.
23. The coach's aggressive behavior towards players was a contravention of professional conduct.
24. The government's surveillance activities were deemed a contravention of privacy rights.
25. The decision to bulldoze the protected wetlands was a flagrant contravention of environmental preservation efforts.



violation, obedience, compliance, adherence


SAT 20 (Scholastic Assessment Test), High School 9, Rules and Regulations

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