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How to pronounce trespass (audio)


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Dictionary definition of trespass

To unlawfully enter or remain on someone else's property without permission.
"Local laws strictly forbid anyone to trespass onto archaeological sites."

Detailed meaning of trespass

It is a legal term that refers to the unauthorized entry onto land or into a building. Trespass can be either a criminal or a civil offense, depending on the jurisdiction and the circumstances of the case. Criminal trespass is a criminal offense that is punishable by law and can result in fines or imprisonment. Civil trespass is a civil wrong for which the owner of the property can sue for damages. Trespass can also include the unauthorized use of land, such as hunting or fishing without permission, or cutting down trees without permission. Trespass can also refer to the act of intentionally or recklessly interfering with the use or enjoyment of another's property, such as making excessive noise or creating a nuisance. In general, Trespass refers to the unauthorized entry or use of someone else's property, or the intentional or reckless interference with the use or enjoyment of that property.

Example sentences containing trespass

1. I often warn the children not to trespass on Old Man Jenkins' eerie property.
2. They dared each other to trespass into the abandoned, haunted-looking house.
3. Signs posted everywhere warn potential violators not to trespass the premises.
4. To trespass these grounds at night is to invite the wrath of unseen forces.
5. Legends tell of those who trespass the cursed woods, never to return again.
6. Curiosity tempts many to trespass, but the risks often outweigh the thrills.

History and etymology of trespass

The verb 'trespass' has its origins in Old French and Latin. It can be traced back to the Old French term 'trespas,' which is a combination of 'tres,' meaning 'across,' and 'passer,' meaning 'to pass.' In this context, 'trespas' initially referred to the act of crossing a boundary or exceeding one's limits. This Old French term was later influenced by the Latin word 'transpassare,' formed from 'trans,' meaning 'across,' and 'passare,' meaning 'to pass.' Over time, 'trespass' came to signify the unlawful act of entering or remaining on someone else's property without permission, essentially crossing a boundary that one should not. The term retains its historical connection to the idea of crossing limits or boundaries, particularly in a legal and property-related context.

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Further usage examples of trespass

1. Those who trespass on haunted lands often come back with chilling tales.
2. He knew to trespass the witch's lair was a dance with danger itself.
3. Rumors swirl around those brave enough to trespass the ancient crypts.
4. Despite the warnings, some still trespass, drawn by the mansion's mystery.
5. Some say to trespass the cursed graveyard is to tempt fate mercilessly.
6. If you trespass on private property, you might face legal consequences.
7. Signs warn that those who trespass will be prosecuted.
8. The hiking club urges members not to trespass onto farmland.
9. I beg you not to trespass into my personal affairs.
10. The activists decided to trespass onto the construction site as a form of protest.
11. The guards are vigilant to prevent anyone who would trespass.
12. Curiosity might tempt you to trespass, but it's important to respect boundaries.
13. When you trespass, you show a lack of respect for other people's property.
14. Please do not trespass beyond the boundary line drawn on this map.
15. Tourists are often unaware they trespass into restricted areas.
16. If you trespass into the woods, be aware of the wildlife.
17. We have explicit instructions not to trespass into the enemy territory.
18. You must not trespass onto the tracks; it's not only illegal but also dangerous.
19. The miners were warned not to trespass into unmarked tunnels.
20. Those who trespass into the restricted zones risk heavy fines.
21. Drones that trespass into airport space are a real concern for aviation safety.
22. Children often trespass into the old mansion out of curiosity.
23. Despite the risks, some thrill-seekers trespass into abandoned buildings.
24. Even if you're lost, try not to trespass into private properties.



intrude, respect, obey, honor


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