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How to pronounce contributory (audio)


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Dictionary definition of contributory

Playing a role in adding to or assisting in a particular outcome or result.
"The committee identified several contributory factors that led to the decline in sales."


Detailed meaning of contributory

It describes the quality of being a contributing factor or having a direct influence on a situation, event, or process. When something is deemed contributory, it implies that it contributes to a larger whole, often by providing support, resources, or input. It signifies the importance of the contribution, highlighting its significance and acknowledging its impact on the overall outcome. Whether it pertains to a person, an idea, or a circumstance, being contributory suggests an active participation or involvement that positively affects the desired goal or objective.

Example sentences containing contributory

1. The employee's dedication and hard work were contributory to the success of the project.
2. The company recognized the contributory role of its suppliers in ensuring timely deliveries.
3. The teacher praised the student for their contributory efforts in organizing the school event.
4. The scientist's research was highly contributory to the advancement of medical knowledge.
5. The community's donations were contributory in providing essential resources to the local food bank.
6. The teamwork displayed by the players was contributory to their victory in the championship.

History and etymology of contributory

The adjective 'contributory' is derived from the noun 'contribution' and shares its etymological roots. 'Contributory' is formed by adding the suffix '-y' to 'contribution.' The base word, 'contribution,' traces its origins to the Latin word 'contributio,' which is a combination of 'con-' meaning 'together' and 'tribuere' meaning 'to give' or 'to bestow.' This etymology effectively conveys the essence of 'contributory' as something that plays a role in giving or bestowing together, often indicating its involvement in adding to or assisting in a particular outcome or result. It implies a cooperative or collaborative element that contributes to a larger whole or effect. The term 'contributory' maintains its etymological connection to the concept of giving or bestowing in a collective context, emphasizing its role in contributing to a specific outcome or consequence.

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Further usage examples of contributory

1. The artist's unique style was contributory to the overall appeal of the exhibition.
2. The mentor's guidance and advice were contributory to the mentee's professional growth.
3. The invention of the printing press was a significant contributory factor in the spread of knowledge.
4. The public's engagement and participation were contributory to the success of the charity fundraiser.
5. His innovative ideas were contributory to the project's success.
6. The team identified several contributory factors to the issue.
7. Effective communication is often contributory to a healthy relationship.
8. A lack of sleep can be a contributory factor in decreased productivity.
9. Poor diet and lack of exercise are contributory to obesity.
10. The employee's dedication was contributory to his promotion.
11. Stress can be a contributory factor in various health problems.
12. Teamwork is often contributory to achieving ambitious goals.
13. Environmental policies are contributory to sustainable development.
14. His negligence was contributory to the accident at the construction site.
15. Early detection of diseases can be contributory to better outcomes.
16. Education is a contributory factor to individual empowerment.
17. Economic stability is contributory to a nation's overall well-being.
18. Proper training is contributory to employee job satisfaction.
19. Family support can be contributory to a person's mental health.
20. Technology is contributory to advancements in medical science.
21. Effective time management is contributory to meeting deadlines.
22. Trust is a contributory element in building strong relationships.
23. Political stability is contributory to a country's economic growth.



contributing, unrelated, insignificant, detrimental


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