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collaborative, uncooperative, independent, antagonistic


TOEFL 9, Collaboration and Teamwork, High School 14



How to pronounce cooperative (audio)


Dictionary definition of cooperative

Willingly and actively participating in working together with others towards a shared goal or objective.
"The cooperative attitude of the employees created a positive work environment."

Detailed meaning of cooperative

A cooperative individual or entity demonstrates a willingness to collaborate, contribute, and engage in coordinated efforts. They exhibit a spirit of teamwork, openness, and mutual respect, valuing the collective contributions and perspectives of others. Cooperative individuals are generally helpful, supportive, and willing to make compromises for the benefit of the group. In an organizational context, a cooperative company or institution fosters an environment where teamwork is encouraged, and individuals work harmoniously towards common objectives. The cooperative adjective signifies a positive and constructive approach to interactions, emphasizing the value of collaboration and shared effort in achieving desired outcomes.

Example sentences containing cooperative

1. The team members were cooperative and worked well together.
2. The cooperative approach of the employees led to increased productivity.
3. She was always cooperative and willing to lend a helping hand.
4. The cooperative effort of the community resulted in the successful completion of the project.
5. The students were cooperative during group assignments and supported each other.
6. The cooperative nature of the negotiation led to a mutually beneficial agreement.

History and etymology of cooperative

The adjective 'cooperative' derives from the verb 'cooperate' and shares its etymological roots. 'Cooperative' is formed by adding the suffix '-ive' to 'cooperate.' The base word, 'cooperate,' traces its origins to the Latin word 'cooperari,' which combines 'co-' meaning 'together' and 'operari' meaning 'to work.' This etymology effectively conveys the essence of 'cooperative' as something characterized by the willingness and active participation in working together with others toward a shared goal or objective. It implies a spirit of collaboration and a readiness to contribute to a collective effort. The term 'cooperative' maintains its etymological connection to the concept of working together, emphasizing the idea that it describes individuals or entities that are inclined to work harmoniously with others for mutual benefit or achievement.

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Further usage examples of cooperative

1. The cooperative behavior of the children impressed their teachers.
2. The cooperative teamwork of the athletes contributed to their victory.
3. The cooperative response from the community helped in overcoming the crisis.
4. The cooperative spirit of the volunteers made the event a resounding success.
5. The cooperative nature of the organization fostered effective collaboration among its members.
6. The cooperative team achieved their goal ahead of schedule.
7. Her cooperative attitude makes her a valued colleague.
8. A cooperative spirit fosters harmony in any group.
9. Cooperative efforts led to a successful fundraiser.
10. They formed a cooperative alliance to address the issue.
11. Cooperative students excel in group projects.
12. The cooperative approach improved productivity.
13. Cooperative parents create a positive school environment.
14. His cooperative demeanor made negotiations smoother.
15. In a crisis, a cooperative response is essential.
16. Cooperative behavior is encouraged in the workplace.
17. Cooperative citizens contribute to a strong community.
18. Their cooperative mindset enhances teamwork.
19. A cooperative mindset is key to resolving conflicts.
20. Cooperative partners share a common vision.
21. Cooperation is the cornerstone of successful ventures.
22. A cooperative mindset leads to mutual benefits.
23. Cooperative individuals excel in collaborative tasks.
24. The cooperative atmosphere promoted innovation.
25. Cooperative leadership fosters organizational growth.

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