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How to pronounce pivotal (audio)


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Dictionary definition of pivotal

Critically important or essential to the success or outcome of a particular situation, event, or process.
"Her role in the company was pivotal to its growth and success."

Detailed meaning of pivotal

It suggests that the thing in question is a central or crucial point around which everything else revolves or depends upon. For example, a pivotal moment in a story could be the point where the protagonist makes a critical decision that sets the course for the rest of the narrative. Similarly, in business or politics, a pivotal figure or event could be the key factor that determines the success or failure of a particular venture or campaign. Overall, the term "pivotal" conveys a sense of significance, centrality, and importance in relation to a specific context or goal.

Example sentences containing pivotal

1. The pivotal moment in the match was when he scored the winning goal.
2. Her pivotal role in the team was unquestionable.
3. The last chapter plays a pivotal role in understanding the novel.
4. The senator's speech was pivotal in changing public opinion.
5. Education is pivotal in eradicating poverty.
6. They made a pivotal decision to invest in renewable energy.

History and etymology of pivotal

The adjective 'pivotal' has its etymological roots in the concept of a pivot, which is a point on which something turns or rotates. It is derived from the French word 'pivot,' which means 'hinge.' The term 'pivot' was later adopted into English to describe a crucial or central point around which other things revolve or depend. In this sense, something 'pivotal' is critically important and essential to the success or outcome of a particular situation, event, or process, much like a hinge is crucial for the functioning of a door. 'Pivotal' captures the idea of being central and indispensable, reflecting its origin in the concept of a pivot as the central point of rotation.

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Further usage examples of pivotal

1. His resignation was a pivotal moment in the company's history.
2. The discovery of penicillin was a pivotal event in medical history.
3. These negotiations are pivotal for the future of our organization.
4. His research played a pivotal role in the advancement of the field.
5. The professor's pivotal book greatly influenced my academic journey.
6. Her mentorship was pivotal in shaping her career.
7. The second world war was a pivotal time in global politics.
8. Our meeting next week is pivotal for the project's success.
9. The implementation of technology has been pivotal in modern education.
10. This innovative device is pivotal for the development of our startup.
11. The mission to Mars can be a pivotal step in space exploration.
12. Their pivotal contributions have significantly advanced our understanding of genetics.
13. The pivotal agreement between the two nations led to peace talks.
14. Reading is a pivotal habit in personal growth and development.



crucial, insignificant, minor, trivial


SAT 3 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Middle School 12, Fundamental and Essential

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