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How to pronounce contrition (audio)


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Dictionary definition of contrition

The feeling of deep remorse or sorrow for one's actions or behavior, especially when those actions have caused harm or hurt to others.
"Her contrition was evident in her tearful apology."

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Detailed meaning of contrition

It is often associated with a sense of guilt and the desire to make amends for one's wrongdoing. Contrition is an essential aspect of many religious and spiritual practices, as it is seen as a necessary step towards seeking forgiveness and redemption. In a more secular context, contrition is often regarded as a sign of maturity and personal growth, as it requires individuals to take responsibility for their actions and strive to become better versions of themselves. Ultimately, contrition is a powerful emotion that can lead to personal and interpersonal healing, and can help individuals to build stronger, more authentic relationships with others.

Example sentences containing contrition

1. Her tearful apology showed deep contrition for her actions.
2. Contrition rebuilds trust and fosters healing in relationships.
3. He expressed genuine contrition for the harm he caused.
4. Sincere remorse was evident in her heartfelt words of apology.
5. Contrition is the crucial first step toward personal redemption.
6. His letter eloquently conveyed his profound sense of contrition.

History and etymology of contrition

The noun 'contrition' traces its origins to the Latin word 'contritio,' which means 'a grinding or crushing.' In a figurative sense, 'contrition' signifies the feeling of deep remorse or sorrow for one's actions or behavior, especially when those actions have caused harm or hurt to others. The term conveys the idea of one's heart being metaphorically crushed or humbled by the weight of their wrongdoing, leading to a sincere and penitent state of mind. 'Contrition' is closely associated with the concept of seeking forgiveness and atonement for one's transgressions, reflecting a profound sense of regret and a genuine desire for moral and spiritual redemption.

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Further usage examples of contrition

1. Publicly, he struggled to display visible signs of contrition.
2. Taking concrete actions to make amends demonstrates true remorse.
3. The priest offered absolution in response to her genuine contrition.
4. Contrition has the power to mend wounds and restore trust.
5. Seeking forgiveness with humility and contrition is essential.
6. His transformed behavior was a clear sign of his deep contrition.
7. The weight of contrition weighed heavily on his troubled soul.
8. A heartfelt apology is a powerful way to express contrition.
9. Genuine contrition leads to personal growth and emotional healing.
10. Her sincere remorse was palpable in her humble demeanor.
11. He carried the heavy burden of his profound contrition.
12. Contrition can catalyze inner transformation and personal growth.
13. Acts of kindness and compassion can help soothe feelings of contrition.
14. His selfless acts of service reflected his deep contrition.
15. Expressing contrition is a crucial step in mending wounded hearts.
16. She harbored a profound sense of contrition for her betrayal.
17. Contrition paves the path to forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation.
18. Offering restitution is a meaningful gesture of sincere contrition.
19. Genuine contrition is a powerful force for personal and relational healing.
20. He showed deep contrition for his mistake.
21. Without genuine contrition, forgiveness may not be possible.
22. The priest asked for a sincere act of contrition from the penitent.
23. His contrition was palpable as he tried to make amends.
24. She expressed her contrition through a heartfelt letter.
25. The company issued a statement expressing contrition for their actions.
26. The defendant showed no contrition for his crimes.
27. He sought contrition from those he had wronged.
28. Her contrition led her to volunteer at a homeless shelter.
29. The couple's contrition was evident as they worked to repair their relationship.
30. The politician's contrition was met with skepticism by the public.



remorse, indifference, insensitivity, unconcern


SAT 16 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Acknowledgment and Acceptance, Absolution and Redemption

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