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How to pronounce atonement (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'atonement'

The act or process of making amends for a wrongdoing or reconciling with someone or something after a breach or offense.
"The criminal sought atonement by volunteering at a community center."

Detailed Meaning of 'atonement'

It is a concept that holds significance in various religious, moral, and ethical frameworks, often involving the idea of seeking forgiveness, redemption, or reparation for past transgressions. Atonement signifies an effort to correct or rectify the consequences of one's actions and restore a state of harmony, both in one's relationship with others and, in some belief systems, with the divine. It can involve acts of penance, restitution, or sincere remorse as a means to achieve reconciliation and resolution. The concept of atonement plays a central role in the ethical and moral fabric of societies and has profound implications for individual growth, forgiveness, and the healing of relationships and communities.

History and Etymology of 'atonement'

The noun 'atonement' derives its origins from the Middle English word 'atone,' which means 'to be at one' or 'in harmony.' This word was formed by combining 'at' (meaning 'to') and 'one' (signifying unity or agreement). 'Atonement' thus represents the act or process of making amends for a wrongdoing or reconciling with someone or something after a breach or offense. It embodies the idea of restoring harmony and unity, often through some form of reparation or compensation for past transgressions. The term is deeply rooted in the concept of seeking redemption and reestablishing a state of moral or spiritual equilibrium, reflecting the core principles of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Examples of 'atonement' in a Sentence

1. The defendant's expression of remorse was a step towards seeking atonement.
2. The tragic event led the community to organize a memorial service for atonement.
3. The concept of atonement is central to many religious belief systems.
4. The counseling sessions aimed to guide individuals towards emotional atonement.
5. His journey through the wilderness was symbolic of his search for atonement.
6. The art therapy workshop became a space for emotional expression and atonement.
7. The character's self-imposed isolation was a form of seeking atonement.
8. The atonement process required sincere efforts to make amends.
9. The story explored the complexities of achieving inner atonement.
10. The community came together to support each other in a collective act of atonement.
11. The healing process involved acknowledging past mistakes and seeking atonement.
12. The ancient practice of offering sacrifices was a way of seeking divine atonement.
13. The final scene of the movie depicted the protagonist's moment of spiritual atonement.
14. Her atonement was sincere, changing old habits to mend a broken friendship.
15. Atonement came in silent prayers, asking forgiveness for unspoken wrongs.
16. Letters of atonement, full of regret, bridged the gap of years apart.
17. His gift, a symbol of atonement, meant to heal wounds of betrayal.
18. Through atonement, they discovered a path from anger to reconciliation.
19. Atonement's process forged new bonds, stronger than any past offense.
20. The atonement ceremony was held to reconcile the divided communities.
21. Acts of kindness marked her journey of atonement and self-discovery.
22. In the quiet, he found atonement, a release from the guilt’s chains.
23. Atonement blossomed in the garden where apologies met forgiveness.
24. Their dialogue, steeped in atonement, echoed a future of harmony.





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