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How to pronounce convene (audio)


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Dictionary definition of convene

To bring together or assemble a group of people, typically for a specific purpose or to discuss a particular matter.
"The council will convene to make a decision on the matter."


Detailed meaning of convene

It can also refer to the act of bringing people together in a specific place or location. It is often used to describe the gathering of a group of people for a formal meeting or conference. The term can be used in a variety of settings, such as business, government, or education, to describe the process of bringing people together to accomplish a specific goal or to make decisions. Convening a meeting can be done formally, by issuing an invitation, or informally, through a casual request. The purpose of convening is to bring together people with common interests or goals to discuss, share ideas, and make decisions.

Example sentences containing convene

1. The board will convene to discuss the company's strategy.
2. Let's convene the team for a brainstorming session.
3. The council plans to convene a public hearing on the matter.
4. The summit will convene world leaders to address global issues.
5. The committee will convene to review the proposal.
6. We should convene a meeting to resolve this issue.

History and etymology of convene

The verb 'convene' finds its etymological roots in the Latin word 'convenire,' which is a compound of 'con-' and 'venire.' 'Con-' in Latin signifies 'together,' and 'venire' means 'to come.' Therefore, 'convenire' essentially means 'to come together' or 'to assemble.' This etymology precisely reflects the meaning of 'convene' as a verb used to bring together or assemble a group of people, usually for a specific purpose or to discuss a particular matter. It conveys the idea of individuals coming together in a coordinated manner, mirroring the concept of gathering or assembling that is inherent in its Latin origins.

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Further usage examples of convene

1. The jury will convene to deliberate the verdict.
2. Scientists will convene to share their research findings.
3. The conference will convene experts from various fields.
4. Let's convene a gathering to celebrate the achievement.
5. The council must convene to discuss the budget.
6. The committee will convene monthly to track progress.
7. The teachers will convene to plan the school event.
8. The delegates will convene at the international forum.
9. The team leader will convene a project update meeting.
10. We need to convene a town hall to address concerns.
11. The organization will convene volunteers for a cleanup.
12. The elders will convene to make important decisions.
13. Let's convene a focus group for product feedback.
14. The task force will convene to address the crisis.
15. The board of directors will convene next week to discuss the company's future plans.
16. The committee will convene to evaluate the proposal.
17. The president called for an emergency meeting to convene.
18. The organization will convene its annual conference next month.
19. The leaders will convene to discuss the current political situation.
20. The class will convene for their final exam next Friday.
21. The team will convene for a strategy meeting before the game.
22. The government will convene a special session to address the crisis.
23. The council will convene to make a decision on the matter.
24. The court will convene to hear the case.
25. The union will convene to negotiate a new contract.
26. The group will convene to plan the charity event.



gather, disperse, scatter, disband


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