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How to pronounce convoke (audio)

Dictionary definition of convoke

To call together, summon, or assemble a group of individuals for a meeting, gathering, or formal session.
"The chairman will convoke a board meeting to discuss the company's financial status."

Detailed meaning of convoke

When one convokes, they initiate the process of bringing people together, typically with a specific purpose or agenda in mind. This verb implies the authority or responsibility to gather individuals in an organized manner. Convoking often involves issuing invitations, notifications, or announcements to inform and request the presence of participants. It is commonly used in the context of official, formal, or organized settings, such as conferences, assemblies, councils, or legislative bodies. Convoking a meeting or event entails coordinating logistics, setting a date, time, and location, and ensuring that relevant parties are aware and available to attend. Ultimately, "convoke" represents the action of calling upon individuals to convene, allowing for collective engagement, discussion, decision-making, or problem-solving.

Example sentences containing convoke

1. The president decided to convoke a summit of world leaders to address pressing global issues.
2. The organizers will convoke a conference to explore advancements in renewable energy.
3. The mayor plans to convoke a town hall meeting to gather community input on the proposed development project.
4. The professor will convoke a special lecture series featuring renowned experts in the field.
5. The union leader announced the decision to convoke a strike in response to unfair labor practices.
6. The president's press secretary will convoke a press conference to provide updates on the latest developments.

History and etymology of convoke

The verb 'convoke' finds its etymological roots in the Latin word 'convocare,' which is formed from 'con-' meaning 'together' and 'vocare' meaning 'to call.' This etymology elegantly conveys the essence of 'convoke' as the act of calling people together, often to assemble a group for a meeting, gathering, or formal session. It implies the exercise of authority or leadership in summoning individuals to come together for a specific purpose. The term 'convoke' maintains its etymological connection to the concept of calling and gathering, highlighting its role in initiating organized gatherings or meetings by bringing people together for deliberation, discussion, or action.

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Further usage examples of convoke

1. The committee chair will convoke a hearing to gather testimonies from key witnesses.
2. The organization will convoke an annual general meeting to present financial reports and elect new board members.
3. The bishop will convoke a synod to discuss matters of doctrine and governance within the church.
4. The student council president plans to convoke a meeting to discuss upcoming events and initiatives.
5. The judge will convoke a hearing to review the evidence and make a ruling on the case.
6. The president will convoke a special meeting to address the urgent matters.
7. They decided to convoke all department heads for a strategy session.
8. The council plans to convoke a town hall meeting next week.
9. Please convoke the team for a brainstorming session on Monday.
10. The board will convoke a shareholders' meeting to discuss dividends.
11. She needed to convoke her advisors to solve the crisis.
12. The professor will convoke a seminar on quantum physics.
13. Let's convoke the volunteers for a cleanup event this weekend.
14. The union leader will convoke a strike if demands aren't met.
15. They will convoke a committee to review the proposal.
16. The mayor will convoke a panel to discuss urban development.
17. Convoke a conference to bring experts together for a discussion.
18. The coach will convoke the team for a practice session.
19. The CEO decided to convoke an emergency board meeting.
20. The king will convoke the nobles to discuss the kingdom's future.
21. She plans to convoke a support group for cancer survivors.
22. Convoke the assembly to debate the proposed legislation.
23. He'll convoke a focus group to gather consumer feedback.
24. Convoke a jury to hear the important legal case.



summon, disband, cancel, adjourn


SAT 18 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Announcement and Declaration, Leadership and Governance

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