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trite, original, novel, fresh


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How to pronounce corny (audio)


Dictionary definition of corny

Overly sentimental, clichéd, or trite to the point of being predictable or lacking in originality.
"The singer's corny dance moves made the audience cringe."

Detailed meaning of corny

When something is characterized as corny, it implies an element of cheesiness or melodrama, often associated with excessive use of common phrases, themes, or tropes that may have lost their impact due to overuse. This term can apply to various contexts, such as corny romantic dialogues in movies, corny jokes that rely on well-worn punchlines, or corny advertisements that employ hackneyed gimmicks to sell products. "Corny" underscores the idea of something being overly sentimental or contrived, often prompting a sense of eye-rolling or amusement at its lack of subtlety or freshness.

Example sentences containing corny

1. Her corny jokes had everyone laughing, despite their simplicity.
2. The movie's corny romantic subplot felt contrived and unoriginal.
3. The comedian's act was filled with corny one-liners that charmed the audience.
4. He couldn't help but smile at her corny but heartfelt love letters.
5. The sitcom's corny humor was a throwback to an earlier era of television.
6. The corny pickup lines he used at the bar were surprisingly effective.

History and etymology of corny

The adjective 'corny' has its origins in American slang and is believed to have emerged in the late 19th to early 20th century. While its exact etymology is not entirely clear, it is thought to be related to the term 'corn,' which was used in the 19th century to describe something that was old-fashioned or rural in nature. 'Corny' likely evolved from this usage, taking on the meaning of something that is excessively sentimental, clichéd, or trite, often to the point of being predictable or lacking in originality. It is a term commonly applied to humor, entertainment, or expressions that are deemed out-of-date or lacking in sophistication. Over time, 'corny' has become a popular way to critique art, jokes, or sentimentality that may seem overly simplistic or passé.

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Further usage examples of corny

1. Their corny matching costumes for Halloween drew praise and chuckles.
2. The restaurant's corny décor with vintage memorabilia created a cozy atmosphere.
3. The motivational speaker's corny anecdotes resonated with the crowd.
4. Despite its corny dialogue, the play conveyed a poignant message.
5. The cheesy, corny advertisements made the product memorable.
6. The party's corny theme brought a sense of nostalgia and camaraderie.
7. His corny but endearing dance moves stole the show at the wedding.
8. The game show's corny questions made for lighthearted entertainment.
9. The song's corny lyrics celebrated love in its simplest form.
10. The corny romantic comedy provided a comforting escape from reality.
11. The wedding toast was filled with corny yet heartfelt sentiments.
12. The old sitcom relied on corny catchphrases for its humor.
13. The corny magic tricks at the children's party delighted the kids.
14. The movie's corny special effects were part of its retro charm.
15. The corny puns in the advertisement made it unforgettable.
16. Their corny, old-fashioned values guided their relationship.
17. The comedian's corny impressions left the audience in stitches.
18. Her corny jokes were a way to brighten even the gloomiest day.
19. The sentimental, corny movie reminded us of the power of love.

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