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How to pronounce sentimental (audio)


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Dictionary definition of sentimental

Strongly influenced by emotions, especially nostalgic or tender feelings.
"The old photographs brought back sentimental memories of their childhood."

Detailed meaning of sentimental

It refers to a tendency to be affected by sentiment or to display deep affection and attachment. When something is described as sentimental, it often evokes or provokes sentimental emotions, such as fondness, warmth, or a longing for the past. It can refer to sentimental objects, like keepsakes or mementos that hold personal significance and trigger emotional responses. Additionally, the term can describe a person who is inclined towards expressing or experiencing emotions, particularly those associated with love, friendship, or cherished memories. Sentimental can also refer to creative works, such as movies, songs, or literature, that evoke or appeal to sentimental feelings, often aiming to evoke an emotional response from the audience. Overall, the adjective "sentimental" suggests an emotional depth or tenderness, often associated with personal attachments, cherished memories, or a nostalgic longing for the past.

Example sentences containing sentimental

1. She cherished the sentimental letter from her late grandmother.
2. He couldn't bear to part with the sentimental necklace given by his best friend.
3. The movie's sentimental ending left the audience teary-eyed.
4. She wore her grandmother's sentimental bracelet on her wedding day.
5. The sentimental song reminded him of a lost love.
6. The sentimental poem captured the essence of enduring love.

History and etymology of sentimental

The adjective 'sentimental' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'sentimentum,' which is derived from the verb 'sentire,' meaning 'to feel' or 'to perceive.' In Latin, 'sentimentum' referred to a thought or feeling, often associated with the senses or emotions. As the word transitioned into Old French, it took the form 'sentiment,' still retaining its connection to emotions and feelings. Over time, in Middle English, 'sentiment' evolved into the adjective 'sentimental,' describing something that is strongly influenced by emotions, particularly nostalgic or tender feelings. The etymology of 'sentimental' thus underscores its historical connection to the realm of emotions and feelings, reflecting a focus on the emotional aspect of human experience, especially when it comes to nostalgia or tender sentiments.

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Further usage examples of sentimental

1. He kept a sentimental journal filled with heartfelt entries.
2. The sentimental gesture of giving flowers brought a smile to her face.
3. The couple exchanged sentimental vows during their wedding ceremony.
4. The sentimental artwork evoked a sense of nostalgia and longing.
5. The sentimental gift was carefully wrapped and adorned with a heartfelt note.
6. The sentimental movie scene touched the hearts of the viewers.
7. She couldn't help but feel sentimental as she walked through her childhood neighborhood.
8. The sentimental message in the birthday card brought tears of joy to her eyes.
9. She kept a sentimental photo of her grandparents on her desk.
10. His sentimental attachment to his childhood home was evident.
11. The old love letters in the attic held great sentimental value.
12. The family heirloom had sentimental significance for generations.
13. Watching the sunset together was a sentimental tradition.
14. The sentimental song brought tears to her eyes.
15. He was a sentimental person who cherished memories.
16. The movie's sentimental ending left everyone in tears.
17. The sentimental journey back to their hometown was heartwarming.
18. The antique shop was a treasure trove of sentimental items.
19. Her sentimental gifts always touched people's hearts.
20. The handwritten notes were a testament to their sentimental bond.
21. The sentimental charm of the vintage dress caught her eye.
22. He had a sentimental attachment to his childhood toys.
23. The sentimental value of the old watch exceeded its monetary worth.
24. The sentimental painting depicted a cherished family moment.
25. The sentimental gesture of sending flowers made her day.
26. The photo album was a source of sentimental nostalgia.
27. The sentimental novel told a touching love story.
28. Their sentimental reunion was filled with tears of joy.



emotional, unemotional, impassive, stoic


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