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How to pronounce corrode (audio)

Dictionary definition of corrode

To gradually deteriorate or disintegrate a material, usually caused by a chemical reaction.
"Seawater will corrode metals that aren't properly treated."

Detailed meaning of corrode

When a substance corrodes, its surface is gradually eaten away by another substance, typically an acid or rust. Corrosion can occur in a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, and even living tissue. The process of corrosion can weaken structures and compromise their integrity, making them more susceptible to failure. Corrosion can also cause discoloration or damage to surfaces, and in some cases, it can even be dangerous or toxic. To prevent corrosion, materials are often treated with special coatings or kept in controlled environments to minimize exposure to corrosive substances.

Example sentences containing corrode

1. Salt and moisture corrode metal surfaces over time.
2. Chemical reactions can often corrode certain materials.
3. Acidic liquids corrode the inner linings of many containers.
4. They say that even small amounts of certain chemicals can corrode the pipeline.
5. Prolonged exposure to the elements will corrode this structure.
6. Neglected emotions and resentment can corrode relationships.

History and etymology of corrode

The verb 'corrode' has an etymology rooted in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'corrodere,' which combines 'cor,' meaning 'together,' and 'rodere,' meaning 'to gnaw' or 'to eat away.' Therefore, 'corrode' originally meant 'to gnaw away' or 'to eat away together.' In English, it is used to describe the gradual deterioration or disintegration of a material, typically caused by a chemical reaction. The etymology of 'corrode' emphasizes the idea of something being eaten away or eroded over time, highlighting the process by which materials are gradually weakened or damaged through chemical processes.

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Further usage examples of corrode

1. If you don't clean it regularly, the battery terminals might corrode.
2. Certain cleaners can corrode and damage your jewelry.
3. Too much negativity will corrode one's spirit.
4. These substances corrode the surface at an alarming rate.
5. Manufacturers test their products to ensure they don't corrode easily.
6. Why did you choose materials that easily corrode for an outdoor project?
7. Long-term stresses can corrode even the strongest of foundations.
8. Harsh cleaning agents corrode the finishing of this delicate tableware.
9. Studies show that some fruit juices can corrode enamel over time.
10. Chlorine and other pool chemicals can corrode certain types of metal.
11. Car owners in snowy regions worry that road salt might corrode their vehicles.
12. Negligence and time together corrode the mightiest of monuments.
13. Ignorance and prejudice can corrode society's moral fabric.
14. The compounds released during the experiment can corrode certain types of metal.
15. Did you know that soft drinks can corrode the insides of aluminum cans?
16. Always use protective gear; these fumes can corrode your skin.



erode, preserve, protect, maintain


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