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How to pronounce scour (audio)


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Dictionary definition of scour

To intensely search, investigate, or examine something in a thorough and meticulous manner.
"After the concert, the staff will scour the venue for any leftover items."

Detailed meaning of scour

It implies a dedicated and persistent effort to find or uncover information, objects, or details that may be elusive or hidden. When one scours, they comb through various sources, locations, or materials, leaving no stone unturned. This verb is often associated with cleaning or scrubbing, as well. It suggests vigorous and determined cleaning, typically involving the use of abrasive tools or agents to remove dirt, grime, or stains from surfaces. Whether applied to information gathering or cleaning tasks, scour embodies a diligent and exhaustive pursuit, leaving nothing overlooked in its wake.

Example sentences containing scour

1. Detectives scour the scene, eyes sharp, seeking any overlooked evidence.
2. We scour books, eager for knowledge, our thirst unquenchable, always more.
3. Hunters scour woods, silent and deep, their eyes keen for traces of prey.
4. Scientists scour the stars, mapping galaxies, unlocking celestial secrets.
5. Scholars scour ancient texts, unearthing truths long buried, yet alive.
6. Artists scour the soul, their craft revealing beauty in dark recesses.

History and etymology of scour

The verb 'scour' has its origins in Middle English, where it was spelled as 'scouren.' It can be traced back to the Old French word 'escurer,' which meant 'to cleanse' or 'to purge.' This Old French term, in turn, derived from the Latin word 'excurare,' consisting of 'ex' (thoroughly) and 'curare' (to care for). The transition from cleaning or purging to the modern sense of intensely searching or investigating something in a thorough and meticulous manner is rooted in the idea of thorough examination or cleansing of an area or subject to find or remove impurities. Over time, 'scour' evolved to describe the vigorous and exhaustive searching or scrutiny of a particular place, object, or issue, reflecting its etymological connection to thorough and meticulous investigation.

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Further usage examples of scour

1. Wizards scour realms unseen, weaving magic from the ephemeral mist.
2. Children scour the beach, joyous, every shell a hidden treasure found.
3. Astronauts scour the cosmos, distant planets, alien life their quest.
4. Explorers scour earth’s corners, undaunted, seeking lands untouched, wild.
5. Historians scour past epochs, chronicles and artifacts yielding time’s tale.
6. Once a month, they scour the library for misplaced books.
7. You must scour the internet for information about this historical event.
8. I'll scour the kitchen clean before the guests arrive.
9. Her job is to scour the city for the best food spots.
10. They say that birds scour the beach for food each morning.
11. I scour the yard for weeds every weekend.
12. He promised to scour every shop until he found the perfect gift.
13. We scour the newspaper for interesting articles every morning.
14. After the crime, detectives scour the area for clues.
15. When you scour the market, you can often find hidden treasures.
16. We should scour the countryside for wildflowers this spring.
17. Chefs scour the world for unique recipes and ingredients.
18. Make sure to scour the sink before you leave.
19. We scour the coastline each summer looking for the perfect picnic spot.
20. You should scour the car for any personal belongings before you sell it.
21. They scour the woods for mushrooms every autumn.
22. Let's scour the school grounds for litter this afternoon.
23. She loves to scour old records stores for vintage vinyl.
24. I like to scour the old bookshops for rare first editions.



search, overlook, ignore, neglect


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