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How to pronounce corrupt (audio)


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Dictionary definition of corrupt

Morally compromised, dishonest, or involved in unethical practices.
"The corrupt politician was involved in multiple bribery scandals."


Detailed meaning of corrupt

When something is deemed corrupt, it implies a deviation from integrity, fairness, or honorable conduct. It suggests a state of decay or degradation, where principles or values have been compromised for personal gain or illicit purposes. Corrupt individuals or systems engage in deceitful, fraudulent, or illegal activities, often driven by self-interest or the pursuit of power. A corrupt organization or institution is one that lacks transparency, accountability, and operates in ways that prioritize personal or vested interests over the common good. Corrupt practices erode trust, undermine justice, and can have far-reaching negative consequences on individuals, communities, and societies at large. The term "corrupt" carries a strong negative connotation, highlighting the moral, ethical, and societal implications of actions or entities that operate outside the boundaries of honesty and integrity.

Example sentences containing corrupt

1. The scandal unveiled a corrupt network, manipulating the system to unjustly favor the rich.
2. A corrupt official's arrest shook the small town, casting a shadow over its once-tranquil atmosphere.
3. Many people were shocked to learn that the community leader was deeply corrupt and untrustworthy.
4. The revelation that the city council was corrupt has led to a groundswell of civic activism.
5. The corrupt lawyer manipulated the evidence, leaving the courtroom awash in moral ambiguity.
6. Though charismatic, the CEO was corrupt, employing unethical tactics to maintain market dominance.

History and etymology of corrupt

The adjective 'corrupt' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'corruptus,' which is the past participle of 'corrumpere.' This Latin term is formed by combining 'cor-' meaning 'altogether' and 'rumpere' meaning 'to break' or 'to shatter.' The etymology vividly portrays the essence of 'corrupt' as something that has been broken or morally shattered, deviating from its original state of integrity. It implies a state of being morally compromised, dishonest, or involved in unethical practices. 'Corrupt' characterizes individuals, organizations, or systems that have strayed from ethical norms and principles. Its etymological root in 'corrumpere' underscores the idea of a destructive transformation, highlighting the betrayal of trust and the erosion of moral values.

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Further usage examples of corrupt

1. Regulators were stunned to discover that the bank had been involved in corrupt financial schemes.
2. Auditors revealed a web of corrupt relationships that compromised the integrity of the organization.
3. In the film, a corrupt cop navigated a world of crime, raising questions about law enforcement.
4. A corrupt judiciary poses a severe threat to the democratic principles of fairness and justice.
5. Even the most well-intentioned systems can be rendered ineffective by a single corrupt individual.
6. The company's corrupt activities were hidden behind a facade of environmental stewardship.
7. Residents are demanding an inquiry into corrupt land deals that have displaced local communities.
8. Whistleblowers were key in unmasking the corrupt practices plaguing the healthcare system.
9. The union leader was corrupt, taking bribes to undermine workers' rights for personal gain.
10. Frustration mounts as corrupt officials derail efforts to improve the city's failing infrastructure.
11. The corruption watchdog found that several ministers were involved in corrupt procurement practices.
12. One corrupt agent within the intelligence community can put national security at significant risk.
13. Beneath its veneer of success, the tech startup was plagued by corrupt business operations.
14. The corrupt general was court-martialed, causing a significant shift in military leadership.
15. News of the corrupt charity shocked donors who thought they were contributing to a noble cause.
16. The energy sector remains vulnerable to corrupt influences that prioritize profits over sustainability.
17. The scandal exposed corrupt practices within the sports industry, tainting its reputation worldwide.
18. A corrupt salesperson undermined the integrity of the dealership, forcing a complete overhaul.
19. Uncovering corrupt actions in the art world rocked public perception of high-profile galleries.
20. The corrupt practices in the fishing industry have led to severe ecological consequences.
21. The corrupt politician's scandals tarnished their reputation irreparably.
22. The company's corrupt practices led to a massive public outcry.
23. He refused to associate with corrupt individuals in his business.
24. The corrupt CEO embezzled millions from the company's funds.
25. Corrupt officials often evade justice through bribery.
26. The corrupt judge's verdict shocked the legal community.
27. The corrupt cop was finally exposed by an undercover investigation.



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