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How to pronounce culminate (audio)


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Dictionary definition of culminate

To reach a peak, the highest point, or the conclusion of a development.
"The school year will culminate in a graduation ceremony for the seniors."

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Detailed meaning of culminate

It can be used to describe the conclusion or final outcome of a process, event, or situation. For example, a long and difficult journey might culminate in the arrival at a destination, or a series of negotiations might culminate in a signed agreement. In terms of time, an event or series of events might culminate in a particular moment, such as a festival or celebration. The verb can also be used to describe the result or outcome of a process of growth or development, such as a career culminating in a promotion or recognition. In each of these cases, "culminate" suggests a final or conclusive moment, an end result, or a culmination of a series of steps or events that have led up to it.

Example sentences containing culminate

1. The project will culminate in a final presentation next week.
2. The concert will culminate in a grand finale featuring all of the performers.
3. The conference will culminate in a panel discussion on the future of the industry.
4. His training will culminate in a marathon race next month.
5. The negotiations will culminate in a signing ceremony for the new agreement.
6. The research project will culminate in the publication of a paper in a scientific journal.

History and etymology of culminate

The verb 'culminate' derives its etymology from the Latin word 'culminare,' which is derived from 'culmen,' meaning 'top' or 'summit.' In its original Latin form, 'culminate' was associated with the idea of reaching the highest point or summit of something. Over time, this concept of reaching the pinnacle or conclusion of a development was metaphorically carried forward into the English language. Thus, when we use the term 'culminate' today, we are expressing the idea of something coming to its highest point or reaching its ultimate conclusion. It encapsulates the notion of a process, event, or achievement reaching its zenith or culmination, signifying the moment of greatest intensity or significance in its progression.

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Further usage examples of culminate

1. The campaign will culminate in a rally on the day before the election.
2. The series of meetings will culminate in a decision on the company's new strategy.
3. Her apprenticeship will culminate in a final exam and evaluation.
4. The fundraising effort will culminate in a gala event next month.
5. The construction project will culminate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new building.
6. The week-long celebration will culminate in a grand fireworks display on the final night.
7. After years of research, the project will soon culminate in a breakthrough publication.
8. The suspense in the movie starts to build early and will culminate in a shocking twist.
9. The annual tech conference will culminate with a keynote speech from an industry leader.
10. Months of negotiations will finally culminate in the signing of a landmark trade agreement.
11. Their grueling training schedule will culminate in a championship match next month.
12. The escalating tensions between the two nations will culminate in high-level diplomatic talks.
13. The artist's work over the decades will culminate in a retrospective at a major gallery.
14. The students' hard work will culminate in a public performance showcasing their talents.
15. A year of planning and construction will culminate in the opening of a new community center.
16. The climactic sequence will culminate in an epic battle that decides the fate of the world.
17. The contest will culminate with the announcement of the winner during a live broadcast.
18. His years of service in the community will culminate in receiving a lifetime achievement award.
19. The mentorship program will culminate in a career fair featuring various industry professionals.
20. The musical's plot will culminate in a dramatic resolution that ties up all loose ends.
21. The fundraising campaign will culminate with a charity ball featuring live entertainment.
22. A series of educational workshops will culminate in a final project presentation.
23. The scientific inquiry will culminate in a paper that challenges conventional wisdom.
24. The evening of dance performances will culminate in a fusion of classical and modern styles.
25. The investigation will culminate with a detailed report outlining the findings and recommendations.



peak, begin, start, initiate


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