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finished, incomplete, partial, undone



How to pronounce complete (audio)

Dictionary definition of complete

Whole, finished, or lacking nothing.
"The movie was a complete success, receiving critical acclaim and attracting large audiences."

Detailed meaning of complete

It signifies that all necessary parts or elements are present, resulting in a state of entirety or fulfillment. When something is complete, it implies that it is not missing any essential components or requirements. It can refer to a task or project that has been successfully accomplished from start to finish, without any outstanding or unresolved elements. It can also describe a person or thing that possesses all the expected or desired qualities, without any deficiencies or omissions. The adjective "complete" suggests a state of entirety, wholeness, or perfection, indicating that nothing further is needed or lacking in the subject being described.

Example sentences of complete

1. After hours of hard work, I finally finished the puzzle and felt a sense of complete satisfaction.
2. The renovation project is now complete, and the house looks stunning.
3. The team worked together to create a comprehensive and complete report.
4. The book series is finally complete with the release of its long-awaited final installment.
5. The artist's collection of paintings is a complete representation of his unique style.
6. We had a complete set of matching dishes for our dinner party.

History and etymology of complete

The adjective 'complete' has its origins in the Latin word 'completus,' which is a combination of 'com-' meaning 'together' and 'plere,' meaning 'to fill.' This etymology reflects the idea that something 'complete' is a state where all its parts or aspects are brought together and fully filled, leaving nothing lacking or unfinished. Therefore, the term 'complete' has evolved to describe a condition of entirety, wholeness, or perfection, signifying that nothing more is needed to make it whole or finished.

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Further usage examples of complete

1. Despite facing numerous challenges, she managed to complete the marathon.
2. The comprehensive training program provided all the necessary tools for complete understanding.
3. He felt a sense of relief when he found his lost wallet, complete with all his identification and credit cards.
4. The team's effort to address all aspects of the project resulted in a complete and successful outcome.
5. The puzzle is finally complete.
6. A complete understanding requires study.
7. She found the missing piece to complete it.
8. The project is nearing completion.
9. Their love story is a complete tale.
10. His speech was a complete success.
11. The recipe calls for complete precision.
12. A complete makeover transformed the room.
13. The team's effort led to a complete victory.
14. Her smile lit up the room, making it complete.
15. A complete set of tools is essential.
16. He felt a sense of complete satisfaction.
17. The book provides a complete guide.
18. The artwork is a complete masterpiece.
19. A complete meal should include all food groups.
20. The puzzle's complexity made it complete.
21. The journey was a complete adventure.
22. A complete silence filled the room.
23. Her collection is almost complete.
24. The training program offers complete support.


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