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How to pronounce crescendo (audio)


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Dictionary definition of crescendo

A gradual increase in volume, intensity, or force of something.
"The music reached a crescendo as the orchestra played the final movement."

Detailed meaning of crescendo

The term is commonly used in music, to describe the gradual increase in volume and intensity of a musical piece, usually building up to a climax. The term is also used in literature, to describe a gradual increase in tension or drama leading to a climax. In other contexts, the term can be used to refer to any gradual increase in something, such as a gradual increase in the volume of a person's voice or the intensity of an argument. Crescendo can also be used as a verb, meaning to gradually increase in volume or intensity. It is an important tool in music and other forms of art to create a sense of tension and release, and to guide the audience through an emotional journey.

Example sentences containing crescendo

1. The music built to a powerful crescendo, filling the concert hall.
2. The tension in the room reached a crescendo as the final vote was cast.
3. Her excitement grew to a crescendo as the day of the wedding approached.
4. The film's suspenseful scene led to a heart-pounding crescendo.
5. The crowd's cheers reached a deafening crescendo during the championship game.
6. The storm's winds and rain reached a crescendo before subsiding.

History and etymology of crescendo

The term 'crescendo' has its etymological origins in Italian. It can be traced back to the Italian verb 'crescere,' which means 'to grow' or 'to increase.' In the realm of music, especially in classical compositions, 'crescendo' denotes a gradual and deliberate increase in volume, intensity, or force of the music. This term captures the idea of musical notes and dynamics growing or swelling over a passage, creating a sense of rising tension and emotional buildup. Over time, 'crescendo' has been adopted into broader usage, extending beyond music to describe any situation or phenomenon where there is a progressive and escalating rise in intensity or magnitude, whether it be in a conversation, a conflict, or any other context where a gradual crescendo of something plays a significant role.

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Further usage examples of crescendo

1. His anger rose to a crescendo as he confronted the betrayal.
2. The applause for the performance built to a thunderous crescendo.
3. The political rally's energy reached a crescendo with the candidate's speech.
4. The orchestra's crescendo resonated with emotion during the symphony.
5. The applause for the accomplished pianist reached a crescendo.
6. The suspense in the mystery novel reached its crescendo in the final chapter.
7. The fireworks display concluded with a dazzling crescendo of colors.
8. The tension between the characters reached a crescendo in the climactic scene.
9. The excitement of the crowd reached a crescendo as the countdown began.
10. The excitement in the classroom reached a crescendo on the last day of school.
11. The plot's complexity built to a crescendo in the epic saga.
12. The argument between the siblings escalated to a crescendo before peace was restored.
13. The crescendo of emotions overwhelmed her during the emotional reunion.
14. The waves in the ocean reached a crescendo during the storm.
15. The laughter of the children built to a joyous crescendo in the playground.
16. The suspense in the thriller film reached a nerve-wracking crescendo.
17. The crescendo of voices in the choir filled the cathedral with harmonious sound.
18. The excitement among the fans reached a crescendo before the music festival.
19. The crescendo of anticipation filled the air as the curtain rose on the play.
20. The crescendo of emotions between the lovers led to a passionate kiss.
21. The orchestra's music built to a powerful crescendo during the performance.
22. The crescendo of support for the cause was evident in the large turnout.
23. The crescendo of cheers from the audience greeted the returning hero.
24. The tension between the rivals reached a crescendo on the field.



climax, diminuendo, decrease, wane


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