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How to pronounce curious (audio)


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Dictionary definition of curious

Displaying an eager or inquisitive nature, marked by a strong desire to learn, explore, or understand.
"The curious child asked endless questions about the world around them."

Detailed meaning of curious

It denotes a sense of wonder and a genuine interest in discovering new knowledge or information. A curious individual is open-minded and receptive to different perspectives, always seeking answers to questions and seeking out new experiences. This adjective implies a thirst for knowledge and a willingness to venture beyond familiar boundaries. A curious person is often driven by a natural curiosity and an inherent sense of wonder about the world. They may ask probing questions, engage in research, or actively seek out opportunities to expand their understanding and broaden their horizons. The adjective "curious" encompasses a positive and proactive attitude towards learning, discovery, and personal growth.

Example sentences containing curious

1. She had a curious mind, always seeking out new books and information to satisfy her thirst for knowledge.
2. The cat approached the new object in the room with a curious expression on its face.
3. He couldn't resist the allure of the mysterious package and opened it with a curious excitement.
4. The curious onlookers gathered around to see what was happening.
5. The scientist conducted a series of experiments to satisfy his curious nature.
6. The curious traveler wandered off the beaten path to explore hidden gems in the city.

History and etymology of curious

The adjective 'curious' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'curiosus,' which meant 'careful' or 'inquisitive.' This term is related to 'cura,' which means 'care' or 'concern.' In ancient Rome, 'curiosus' described individuals who were known for their attentiveness and inquisitive nature, particularly in matters of knowledge and exploration. Over time, the word 'curious' evolved to describe those who display an eager and inquisitive disposition, marked by a strong desire to learn, explore, or understand the world around them. The etymology of 'curious' underscores its historical connection to the idea of careful attention and inquisitiveness, emphasizing the quality of being eager to acquire knowledge and satisfy one's intellectual curiosity.

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Further usage examples of curious

1. She felt a curious sensation of nostalgia as she revisited her childhood home.
2. The curious scent in the air led the dog to investigate further.
3. The journalist had a curious instinct for uncovering hidden stories and exposing the truth.
4. The curious student eagerly volunteered to participate in the science experiment.
5. His curious nature led him to delve into the mysteries of the universe and pursue a career in astronomy.
6. The curious child asked endless questions about the stars.
7. Her curious mind led her to explore distant lands.
8. The scientist had a curious fascination with rare insects.
9. He approached each new subject with a curious enthusiasm.
10. The curious cat investigated every nook and cranny.
11. Curious travelers seek hidden gems off the beaten path.
12. The bookworm's curious nature fueled a love for reading.
13. Curious about history, she delved into ancient civilizations.
14. The curious student conducted experiments in the lab.
15. Curious about cultures, he sampled diverse cuisines.
16. The explorer's curious spirit drove expeditions worldwide.
17. Curious about technology, he mastered computer programming.
18. The artist's curious eye captured beauty in ordinary scenes.
19. Curious minds connect dots others might overlook.
20. The journalist's curious nature uncovered hidden truths.
21. Curious about the past, archaeologists unearthed relics.
22. The curious dog sniffed every corner of the park.
23. Curious about the universe, astronomers peer into space.
24. Curious observers marveled at the natural wonders.
25. The curious detective unraveled complex mysteries.



inquisitive, indifferent, uninterested, apathetic


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