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How to pronounce inquisitive (audio)

Dictionary definition of inquisitive

Characterized by a strong desire to learn, explore, and seek knowledge or information.
"The inquisitive reporter dug deep to uncover the truth behind the story."

Detailed meaning of inquisitive

When we refer to someone as inquisitive, we highlight their curiosity, eagerness to ask questions, and a genuine interest in understanding the world around them. Inquisitive individuals often possess a natural sense of wonder and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, which leads them to engage actively in asking questions, investigating new topics, and delving deeper into subjects that pique their interest. This trait is not only about seeking answers but also about fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world's complexities. Inquisitiveness is a valuable quality that drives intellectual growth and encourages lifelong learning.

Example sentences containing inquisitive

1. She was an inquisitive child, always asking questions and eager to learn.
2. He had an inquisitive mind and was always curious about the world around him.
3. She had an inquisitive nature and was always seeking knowledge and understanding.
4. The inquisitive cat was fascinated by the movement of the butterflies.
5. He was an inquisitive student, always eager to learn more about the subject.
6. The inquisitive scientist conducted extensive research to solve the mystery.

History and etymology of inquisitive

The adjective 'inquisitive' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'inquirere,' which combines 'in,' meaning 'in' or 'into,' and 'quaerere,' meaning 'to seek' or 'to inquire.' In ancient Rome, 'inquirere' referred to the act of seeking and investigating, often in a quest for knowledge or information. This concept of seeking and probing with curiosity was carried into English with the word 'inquisitive,' where it retained its meaning of being characterized by a strong desire to learn, explore, and seek knowledge or information. 'Inquisitive' suggests a natural inclination to question and delve into matters, reflecting a curiosity that drives one to explore the unknown. Thus, the etymology of 'inquisitive' underscores its historical connection to the idea of seeking and inquiring, particularly in the pursuit of knowledge.

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Further usage examples of inquisitive

1. He had an inquisitive disposition, always asking questions and looking for answers.
2. The inquisitive detective was determined to solve the crime.
3. The inquisitive audience asked many questions during the Q&A session.
4. She had an inquisitive attitude, always eager to explore new ideas and concepts.
5. The inquisitive mind is an important trait of a successful researcher.
6. The inquisitive child constantly asks questions, eager to understand the world around them.
7. Her insatiable and inquisitive mind drives her to explore complex scientific phenomena.
8. The professor fosters an environment where inquisitive students can freely express their ideas.
9. His insatiable and inquisitive nature led him to investigate the intricacies of quantum physics.
10. Inquisitive travelers immerse themselves in local cultures, learning from diverse experiences.
11. Inquisitive minds are the driving force behind groundbreaking technological advancements.
12. She's celebrated for her inquisitive approach, unearthing hidden truths through investigative reporting.
13. The inquisitive student's thirst for knowledge extends beyond the classroom.
14. The inquisitive explorer embarked on daring journeys to uncover remote wonders.
15. Inquisitive thinkers shape the future by asking questions that challenge the status quo.
16. The inquisitive detective meticulously sifted through clues to crack the case.
17. The inquisitive scientist dedicated their life to unraveling the mysteries of the universe.
18. Encouraging inquisitive learners nurtures a culture of curiosity and lifelong growth.
19. His relentless pursuit of knowledge showcases the power of an inquisitive mind.
20. Inquisitive minds thrive in environments that encourage curiosity, experimentation, and innovation.
21. The inquisitive nature of children fuels their boundless creativity and imagination.
22. The inquisitive journalist's dedication to uncovering the truth inspires change.
23. Taking an inquisitive approach to history reveals the untold stories of the past.
24. Inquisitive travelers find joy in immersing themselves in new cultures and traditions.
25. Inquisitive minds have the potential to reshape the world with their relentless pursuit of understanding.



curious, indifferent, uninterested, disinterested


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