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How to pronounce decrypt (audio)

Dictionary definition of decrypt

To convert encrypted or encoded data into a readable and understandable format.
"The hacker attempted to decrypt the bank's security system."

Detailed meaning of decrypt

This is typically done using a decryption key, which is a specific set of instructions that allows the encrypted data to be converted back into its original form. Decryption is often used in computer security and cryptography to protect sensitive information and ensure that only authorized parties can access it. The process of decryption involves reversing the steps of encryption, which typically involves applying a specific algorithm or set of rules to the original data. Once the encrypted data has been successfully decrypted, it can be read and understood by anyone who has access to it. The ability to decrypt information is an important skill for anyone working in computer security or cryptography, as it allows them to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Example sentences containing decrypt

1. The IT department was able to decrypt the password-protected file.
2. Without the decryption key, the data was impossible to read.
3. The spy agency specializes in decrypting sensitive messages.
4. He spent hours trying to decrypt the secret code.
5. She finally managed to decrypt the encrypted email.
6. The software includes a feature to decrypt files on demand.

History and etymology of decrypt

The term 'decrypt' has its origins in the fusion of two distinct components. The first part, 'de,' is a prefix derived from Latin, meaning 'down' or 'reverse.' It implies a process of reversal or undoing. The second component, 'crypt,' stems from the Greek word 'kryptos,' which means 'hidden' or 'secret.' This element was adopted into English via Latin as 'crypta,' referring to a hidden place or chamber. Therefore, when we dissect the etymology of 'decrypt,' we uncover its meaning as the action of reversing or undoing the hidden or secret encoding of data, making it comprehensible and accessible once again.

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Further usage examples of decrypt

1. The computer expert was able to decrypt the virus's code.
2. The government used advanced techniques to decrypt the enemy's communications.
3. The encryption was too strong to be decrypted by brute force.
4. They hired a team of experts to decrypt the confidential data.
5. The detective managed to decrypt the criminal's encrypted messages.
6. The computer expert managed to decrypt the confidential files.
7. They needed a special key to decrypt the heavily encrypted message.
8. The spy's mission was to decrypt the enemy's coded transmissions.
9. It took weeks for the intelligence agency to decrypt the secret code.
10. He used advanced software to decrypt the encrypted email.
11. The hackers attempted to decrypt the secure network.
12. The detective worked tirelessly to decrypt the encrypted diary.
13. Can you decrypt this scrambled message for us?
14. She used her expertise to decrypt the ancient manuscript.
15. The codebreaker successfully decrypted the enemy's communication.
16. The technology allowed them to decrypt the hidden data.
17. They couldn't decrypt the password-protected document.
18. The encryption was so strong that no one could decrypt it.
19. The team's mission was to decrypt the enemy's radio signals.
20. He tried various techniques to decrypt the locked file.
21. They were finally able to decrypt the confidential message.
22. The software can automatically decrypt and read encrypted files.
23. She had to decrypt the secure channel to access the data.
24. The hackers used sophisticated tools to decrypt the database.
25. Decrypting the ancient code revealed a long-lost civilization's secrets.



decode, encrypt, scramble, encode


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