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How to pronounce crack (audio)


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Dictionary definition of crack

A narrow opening, fissure, or break in a solid object, such as a surface, structure, or substance.
"He carefully applied putty to seal the cracks in the wall before painting."


Detailed meaning of crack

In this sense, a crack indicates a fracture or split that disrupts the integrity or continuity of the material. Cracks can occur naturally or as a result of stress, pressure, or damage. Additionally, "crack" can also signify a loud, sharp sound, resembling the sound of something breaking or snapping. Furthermore, "crack" can refer to a potent form of illegal drugs, specifically cocaine that has been processed into a solid crystalline form. The term "crack" is used colloquially to describe this particular drug. It is important to note that crack cocaine is highly addictive and illegal in most jurisdictions.

Example sentences containing crack

1. There was a small crack in the windshield of the car.
2. She heard a loud crack as the tree branch snapped under the weight of the snow.
3. The hiker carefully crossed the narrow crack in the rocky cliff.
4. He used a wrench to tighten the pipes and prevent any leaks or cracks.
5. The foundation of the house showed signs of cracks, indicating potential structural issues.
6. The whip cracked sharply in the air as the cowboy rode across the field.

History and etymology of crack

The noun 'crack,' referring to a narrow opening, fissure, or break in a solid object, has an etymology rooted in Old English and its Germanic origins. It can be traced back to the Old English word 'cracian,' which meant 'to resound' or 'make a sharp noise.' This term was used to describe the sound of something breaking or splitting, akin to the noise produced when an object develops a crack. Over time, the word 'crack' came to signify not just the sound but also the actual fissure or break itself. This etymological journey highlights the connection between the auditory experience of a sharp noise and the visual presence of a fracture or gap in an object.

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Further usage examples of crack

1. She spread butter on the toast and listened to the satisfying crack as she bit into it.
2. The detective heard a suspicious crack coming from the door and investigated further.
3. The bat made a loud crack as the baseball connected and sailed over the fence.
4. The geologist examined the rock formations, noting the presence of fractures and cracks.
5. The plumber fixed the leaky pipe by replacing the section with a new one, eliminating the crack.
6. A tiny crack in the windshield grew into a significant problem.
7. The earthquake left a deep crack in the foundation.
8. She noticed a crack in the ancient vase's delicate porcelain.
9. Water seeped through the crack in the dam's concrete wall.
10. The whip made a sharp crack as it struck the ground.
11. The hiker slipped and fell, causing a painful crack in his ankle.
12. The sound of thunder echoed through the canyon's crack.
13. A small crack in the ice warned of potential danger below.
14. The old bridge's wooden beams had a noticeable crack.
15. The geologist examined the rock's crack for mineral deposits.
16. A sudden crack in the silence startled the campers.
17. A crack in the armor revealed the knight's vulnerability.
18. He found a hidden crack in the cave wall, leading to a treasure.
19. The winter's freeze caused a crack in the water pipe.
20. The thunderous crack of lightning split the sky in two.
21. The engineer inspected the building's crack for structural damage.
22. A crack in the pavement tripped the unsuspecting pedestrian.
23. The chef's secret recipe had a hint of black pepper's crack.
24. A small crack in the book's spine showed its well-loved history.
25. The detective examined the crime scene's crack for evidence.



fissure, closure, seal, unbroken


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