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How to pronounce delectable (audio)

Dictionary definition of delectable

Extremely pleasing to the senses, especially to the sense of taste.
"The delectable pastries at the bakery were too tempting to resist."

Detailed meaning of delectable

It is often used to describe food or drink that is delicious or enjoyable to eat. For example, a dish made with fresh ingredients and expertly prepared might be described as delectable. The term can also be used to describe things that are pleasant or enjoyable to the other senses, such as a delectable fragrance or a delectable melody.

Delectable is often used to express great pleasure or enjoyment, it can also be used in a more casual or informal setting, and it can be used to express admiration or appreciation of something.

In general, the term implies that there is something that is very pleasing to the senses, and that it is enjoyable or delightful, whether it's food, drink, fragrance, melody or anything else that can be experienced by the senses.

Example sentences containing delectable

1. The chef prepared a delectable meal that left everyone asking for seconds.
2. The bakery is known for its delectable pastries, which are both flaky and buttery.
3. The delectable aroma of the freshly baked bread wafted through the neighborhood.
4. She served a delectable chocolate mousse that was the perfect end to the dinner.
5. The street food in the market was delectable, with rich flavors and spices.
6. The coffee shop offered a range of delectable cakes to go with their artisanal brews.

History and etymology of delectable

The adjective 'delectable' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'delectabilis,' which means 'delightful' or 'pleasing.' This Latin term is formed from 'delectare,' a verb meaning 'to delight' or 'to please.' In English, 'delectable' is used to describe something that is extremely pleasing to the senses, especially to the sense of taste. It is often used to characterize delicious or mouthwatering food and beverages that bring joy and satisfaction to those who consume them. The etymology of 'delectable' underscores its historical connection to the idea of delight and pleasure, highlighting its role in expressing the sheer enjoyment and sensory delight that certain flavors and culinary experiences can provide.

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Further usage examples of delectable

1. The delectable scent of the rose garden was intoxicating and refreshing.
2. The restaurant’s delectable seafood platter showcased the best produce from the local fishermen.
3. They brought back delectable candies and chocolates as souvenirs from their European trip.
4. The delectable cheese selection was paired with exquisite wines from the vineyard.
5. The homemade lasagna was delectable, with layers of rich sauce, cheese, and pasta.
6. The ice cream parlor served the most delectable sundaes with all kinds of toppings.
7. The delectable freshness of the fruit salad was perfect for the hot summer day.
8. The guests raved about the delectable roast with its perfectly seasoned crust and juicy interior.
9. The food festival offered a delectable assortment of dishes from various cuisines around the world.
10. The delectable aroma of freshly baked bread, warm and inviting, drew people into the cozy bakery on the corner.
11. Her culinary skills, honed through years of dedication and experimentation, transformed ordinary ingredients into delectable dishes that left diners raving about her talent.
12. The restaurant's menu, a treasure trove of culinary delights from around the world, boasts diverse delectable options.
13. As he entered the bustling food market, he marveled at the international cuisine's delectable spread, from spicy Thai noodles to rich Italian pastas.
14. The chocolate fondue, a sinfully indulgent treat, delighted everyone at the dessert table with its silky-smooth melted chocolate and an assortment of dippable delights.
15. The pastry chef's creations, both beautiful and delectable, showcased her artistry, transforming simple ingredients into stunning desserts.
16. She sampled a delectable assortment of cheeses, each with a unique flavor profile, from creamy brie to sharp cheddar.
17. The tropical fruit salad, a colorful and refreshing medley of exotic fruits, was a delectable blend of flavors.
18. The wine, carefully selected to complement the delectable seafood, enhanced the dining experience with its perfect pairing.
19. The delectable aroma of grilling steaks filled the backyard, signaling the start of a memorable summer cookout.
20. He savored every bite of the delectable homemade lasagna, with its layers of tender pasta, rich meat sauce, and creamy béchamel.
21. The delectable pastries, an assortment of flaky croissants, buttery danishes, and sweet tarts, were a highlight of the brunch.
22. The delectable appetizers, a delightful medley of bite-sized treats from crispy spring rolls to savory stuffed mushrooms, disappeared quickly at the party.
23. The delectable sushi rolls, a culinary masterpiece of fresh fish, seasoned rice, and delicate seaweed, showcased the sushi chef's skill.
24. Her delectable pies, baked to perfection with a golden, flaky crust and mouthwatering filling, were a holiday tradition.
25. The delectable scent of fresh herbs, with basil, rosemary, and thyme, filled the kitchen, infusing dishes with flavor.
26. The restaurant's signature dish, a delectable surprise of tender lamb and red wine reduction, left patrons coming back for more.
27. The delectable truffles, with velvety chocolate centers and cocoa powder, were a sweet indulgence that melted on the tongue.
28. The delectable blend of spices, carefully combined, gave the dish its unique flavor profile, creating an unforgettable dining experience.
29. The chef's delectable creations, a labor of love, earned rave reviews for innovative ingredients, presentation, and culinary excellence.



delicious, unpalatable, tasteless, bland


Consumption and Utilization, Seduction and Allure, Enjoyment and Delight, Food and Drink

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