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Definition of 'desert'

A barren and arid land characterized by a scarcity of water and vegetation.
"The cacti and tumbleweeds were the only signs of life in the barren desert landscape."

Detailed Meaning of 'desert'

Deserts are often vast expanses of dry, sandy or rocky terrain with harsh climatic conditions, including high temperatures and minimal rainfall. They are typically found in regions with low precipitation and limited access to freshwater sources. Deserts can vary in size and geographical features, ranging from sandy deserts with towering dunes to rocky deserts with rugged landscapes. The lack of water and vegetation in deserts poses significant challenges for both human and animal survival. However, deserts can also be unique ecosystems that support a diverse range of adapted plant and animal species. Some deserts hold cultural and historical significance, while others offer opportunities for adventure, exploration, and scientific research. The desert's distinct characteristics make it a captivating and challenging environment, commanding both awe and respect from those who encounter it.


Examples of 'desert' in a Sentence

1. The vast Sahara Desert stretches across several countries in Africa.
2. The scorching heat of the desert made it a challenging environment to traverse.
3. The Bedouin people have a deep knowledge of survival in the desert.
4. The desert's golden sand dunes created a mesmerizing and serene landscape.
5. Explorers braved the harsh conditions of the desert to uncover its hidden treasures.
6. The desert's starry nights offered breathtaking views of the night sky.

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Origins & Etymology of 'desert'

The noun 'desert' has an etymology rooted in Latin and Old French. It comes from the Old French word 'deserte,' which is derived from the Latin word 'desertum' or 'desertus.' In Latin, 'desertum' signifies a deserted or uninhabited place, while 'desertus' means abandoned or left uncultivated. Therefore, the etymology of 'desert' conveys the idea of a barren and arid land, often characterized by a scarcity of water and vegetation, where few people or living things can thrive. The word 'desert' has retained its connection to the concept of an inhospitable and deserted landscape, reflecting its Latin and Old French origins where it was used to describe such challenging and arid environments.


How to pronounce desert (audio)


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