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How to pronounce frantic (audio)


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Dictionary definition of frantic

Extreme panic, fear, or anxiety that is often accompanied by frenzied or chaotic behavior.
"She searched for her lost keys in a frantic manner."

Detailed meaning of frantic

It can also suggest a sense of urgency or desperation, as if one is trying to accomplish something quickly and without regard for the consequences. When applied to a person, the term "frantic" suggests a lack of control or composure, and can imply that one is in a state of emotional turmoil or distress. It can also be used to describe a situation that is out of control or rapidly deteriorating, such as a crisis or disaster. Overall, the term "frantic" implies a sense of intense emotion, urgency, or chaos, and suggests a lack of order, control, or stability.

Example sentences containing frantic

1. His frantic phone call alerted me to the emergency.
2. She made a frantic dash to catch the bus.
3. The parents were frantic with worry when their child went missing.
4. The mouse made a frantic escape attempt from the prowling cat.
5. His frantic efforts to finish the project on time were impressive.
6. The frantic pace of city life was too much for her.

History and etymology of frantic

The adjective 'frantic' has its origins in the late Middle English word 'frantik,' derived from the Old French 'frenetique,' which, in turn, traces its roots to the Latin 'phreneticus,' meaning 'pertaining to madness.' 'Frantic' describes a state of extreme panic, fear, or anxiety, often accompanied by frenzied or chaotic behavior. Its etymology vividly captures the essence of this emotional state by invoking the idea of madness or a disordered mind. When someone is described as frantic, it suggests they are so overwhelmed by their emotions that they are acting in a manner that appears irrational or uncontrolled, emphasizing the intensity and urgency of their distress.

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Further usage examples of frantic

1. There was a frantic scramble to secure tickets to the sold-out concert.
2. She gave a frantic wave to get the taxi driver's attention.
3. The party ended in a frantic rush to clean up before the parents came home.
4. The lifeguard swam with frantic speed to reach the drowning swimmer.
5. His frantic gestures showed that he was in distress.
6. The team was in a frantic state trying to meet the deadline.
7. The city was frantic with excitement during the film festival.
8. His frantic typing indicated that he was under a lot of pressure.
9. The frantic knocking on the door woke me up in the middle of the night.
10. The kitchen was a scene of frantic activity before the guests arrived.
11. The frantic search for the lost dog ended happily when he was found.
12. They received a frantic call for help from the stranded climbers.
13. The airport was filled with frantic passengers trying to catch their flights.
14. Her eyes showed frantic desperation as she realized she was trapped.



hysterical, composed, calm, serene


Confusion and Misunderstanding, Anguish and Despair, Emotional Extremes and Reactions, Fear and Anxiety, Reactions and Response, Middle School 13, Anxiety and Fear

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