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How to pronounce urgent (audio)

Dictionary definition of urgent

Requiring immediate attention, action, or response due to its critical nature or time sensitivity.
"The urgent email from her boss requested her presence in an important meeting."

Detailed meaning of urgent

When something is described as urgent, it implies a pressing need for prompt action to prevent negative consequences, address an emergency, or meet a tight deadline. Urgency often arises when there is a sense of importance, significance, or potential harm associated with a particular situation. It conveys a sense of immediacy and demands swift action or resolution to prevent further escalation or mitigate risks. Urgent matters often require prioritization and can cause increased stress or a sense of urgency in individuals who are responsible for handling them. Whether it is an urgent message, an urgent meeting, or an urgent task, the adjective signifies the need for immediate attention and a swift response to address the pressing issue at hand.

Example sentences containing urgent

1. The doctor informed her that the medical test results were urgent and needed to be reviewed immediately.
2. The firefighter's urgent response to the blazing building saved lives.
3. The urgent plea for donations helped provide food and shelter to those in need.
4. The urgent phone call informed her of a family emergency that required her immediate attention.
5. The urgent deadline for the project forced her to work late into the night.
6. The urgent message on the bulletin board announced a change in the schedule for the upcoming event.

History and etymology of urgent

The adjective 'urgent' derives its meaning from the Latin word 'urgens,' which is the present participle of the verb 'urgere,' meaning 'to press' or 'to push.' This linguistic root reflects the idea of something pressing or compelling immediate attention or action. Over time, 'urgent' has evolved in English to describe situations or matters that demand prompt and immediate response due to their critical nature or time sensitivity. The etymology of 'urgent' underscores its historical connection to the concept of something pressing or pushing one to take swift and necessary action, highlighting its urgency and importance.

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Further usage examples of urgent

1. The urgent request for volunteers went out after the sudden cancellation of the event's staff.
2. The urgent repair work on the water pipe prevented a major flood in the building.
3. The urgent evacuation order was issued due to an approaching hurricane.
4. The urgent meeting called by the CEO addressed a critical issue affecting the company's performance.
5. The urgent decision to cancel the flight was made due to severe weather conditions.
6. We have an urgent need to address this matter today.
7. Please attend to this urgent matter as soon as possible.
8. The situation demands urgent intervention from authorities.
9. Urgent action is required to prevent further damage.
10. There is an urgent need for disaster relief efforts.
11. Urgent medical attention is necessary for the injured.
12. Urgent measures are in place to contain the outbreak.
13. The CEO called for an urgent board meeting tomorrow.
14. We face an urgent crisis that cannot be ignored.
15. An urgent message arrived, requesting your immediate response.
16. Urgent repairs are needed to restore the infrastructure.
17. Urgent decisions must be made to avert a disaster.
18. The team worked tirelessly on an urgent project.
19. This is an urgent matter that cannot wait any longer.
20. The situation is becoming increasingly urgent.
21. Urgent updates were provided to keep everyone informed.
22. An urgent meeting has been called to address the issue.
23. The government declared an urgent state of emergency.
24. Urgent measures are being taken to ensure public safety.



critical, non-urgent, trivial, insignificant


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