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How to pronounce diffuse (audio)


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Dictionary definition of diffuse

To spread something out, scattering or dispersing it over a wider area.
"The news quickly began to diffuse across social media platforms."


Detailed meaning of diffuse

This can refer to physical substances like light, heat, or gas, which can diffuse through a medium and spread out evenly. It can also refer to more abstract concepts like ideas or information, which can be diffused through a society or community. When something is diffused, it becomes more widespread and less concentrated, and its effects may be felt over a larger area or population. Diffusion can occur naturally or intentionally, through processes like diffusion of innovation, where new ideas or products gradually spread through a society over time.

Example sentences containing diffuse

1. She tried to diffuse the tension between the two arguing parties.
2. I will diffuse the essential oils throughout the room.
3. He managed to diffuse the tension with his sense of humor.
4. The light seemed to diffuse softly through the curtains.
5. We need to diffuse this situation before it escalates.
6. The lampshade helped to diffuse the bright light.

History and etymology of diffuse

The verb 'diffuse' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'diffusus,' which is the past participle of 'diffundere.' 'Diffundere' is a combination of 'dis' (meaning 'apart') and 'fundere' (meaning 'to pour'). In Latin, 'diffundere' meant to spread something out by pouring it apart or dispersing it widely. As the term transitioned into Middle English and eventually into Modern English, it became 'diffuse,' retaining its sense of spreading something out, scattering, or dispersing it over a wider area. 'Diffuse' is often used in various contexts, from describing the spread of information to the dispersion of light. The etymology of 'diffuse' effectively conveys its historical association with the act of spreading or scattering widely, emphasizing its role as a verb used to describe the action of dispersing something over a broader space or area.

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Further usage examples of diffuse

1. The fragrance began to diffuse as soon as the bottle was opened.
2. The team leader tried to diffuse the conflict between the two employees.
3. Her calm demeanor helped to diffuse his anger.
4. The teacher knows how to effectively diffuse information among her students.
5. As the sun set, its rays started to diffuse through the clouds.
6. The objective of the meeting is to diffuse knowledge about the new project.
7. The humidifier will diffuse moisture into the air.
8. She used a piece of fabric to diffuse the harshness of the flash in her photography.
9. The clouds began to diffuse the moonlight, creating an eerie atmosphere.
10. The spread of the internet has helped to diffuse information globally.
11. The air freshener will diffuse a pleasant scent in the car.
12. The organization aims to diffuse cultural awareness.
13. The barrier did not completely block the sound, but it did diffuse it.
14. They used a softbox to diffuse the light for the video shoot.
15. It's important to diffuse new technology responsibly and consider its impacts.



spread, concentrate, centralize, localize


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