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How to pronounce emanate (audio)


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Dictionary definition of emanate

To emerge or originate from a specific source or to be produced or radiated by a particular entity.
"Negative energy can emanate from toxic relationships."

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Detailed meaning of emanate

It signifies the point of origin or generation of a particular phenomenon, whether it's a concept, idea, scent, sound, or any other tangible or intangible entity. This term conveys the notion that the subject in question naturally and inherently springs forth from its source, without artificial manipulation. For example, in a creative context, innovative ideas can emanate from a fertile mind, while in a scientific context, light may emanate from a radiant source. 'Emanate' implies a causal relationship, emphasizing the source as the fundamental origin of what is being produced or emitted, and it is often used to describe the natural flow or generation of something rather than a deliberate act.

Example sentences containing emanate

1. The sound of music can emanate from the speakers.
2. Wisdom and experience emanate from the elderly.
3. Joy and excitement emanate from children on Christmas morning.
4. The light they use should emanate in various colors to create a mystical ambiance.
5. The sounds that emanate from the forest at night are eerie.
6. When you meditate, positive energy will emanate from within you.

History and etymology of emanate

The verb 'emanate' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'emanare,' which combines 'e,' meaning 'out of,' and 'manare,' meaning 'to flow' or 'to stream.' In Latin, 'emanare' was used to describe the act of something flowing out or emerging from a particular source. 'Emanate' entered the English language in the 18th century and is used to convey the idea of something emerging, originating, or being produced from a specific source or entity. Its etymology underscores the concept of something flowing out or radiating, much like a stream of water, emphasizing the source or origin from which it proceeds, as implied by its Latin origins in 'emanare.'

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Further usage examples of emanate

1. The joy and happiness emanate through the room when the family is together.
2. The scent of roses will emanate from the garden and welcome the visitors.
3. Music that will emanate from the speakers should be calming and serene.
4. In certain geological areas, heat and steam emanate from the earth's crust.
5. The warmth and comfort that emanate from a fireplace are unmatched.
6. The plants will emanate oxygen which is essential for our survival.
7. A sense of pride and accomplishment will emanate from the team after winning the tournament.
8. The distinct aroma that will emanate from the kitchen is mouthwatering.
9. The aura of peace and tranquility should emanate from this sacred place.
10. The vibrant colors that emanate from the painting draw everyone’s attention.
11. The signals that emanate from the satellite help in navigating through the seas.
12. The love and care that emanate from grandparents are truly special.
13. The soft glow that will emanate from the lanterns creates a romantic atmosphere.
14. The healing energies that emanate from crystals are believed to have therapeutic properties.
15. When you practice kindness, good vibes emanate and spread around.
16. The melodies that will emanate from the orchestra are sure to captivate the audience.
17. The cultural heritage and traditions that emanate from this region are rich and diverse.



radiate, absorb, consume, withhold


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