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disperse, hoard, accumulate, centralize


Advancement and Improvement, Distribution and Supply, Distribution and Supplementary



How to pronounce distribute (audio)


Dictionary definition of distribute

To allocate, disperse, or divide something among different individuals, groups, or locations.
"We need to distribute the workload evenly among team members."

Detailed meaning of distribute

It involves the systematic and organized process of delivering or giving out items, resources, information, or tasks to specific recipients or destinations. Distribution often entails ensuring equitable or proportional sharing, whether it's goods, services, or responsibilities. This verb commonly applies to a wide range of contexts, such as distributing food to the needy, distributing products to retail stores, distributing flyers to promote an event, or distributing workload among team members. It involves the act of arranging, transporting, or disseminating something efficiently and effectively to reach its intended recipients. Distributing can be done physically, digitally, or through various means of communication, depending on the nature of what is being distributed. Overall, this verb encompasses the process of dividing and delivering resources or items to ensure proper allocation and availability in the intended locations or hands.

Example sentences containing distribute

1. The volunteers will distribute food packages to the homeless shelter.
2. Please distribute the meeting agenda to all the attendees.
3. The company plans to distribute its new product line to stores nationwide.
4. The charity organization aims to distribute warm clothing to those in need during the winter.
5. The teacher will distribute the test papers to the students.
6. The mail carrier will distribute the letters to the respective addresses.

History and etymology of distribute

The verb 'distribute' traces its etymological origins to the Latin word 'distribuere,' which is a combination of 'dis,' meaning 'apart,' and 'tribuere,' meaning 'to give' or 'to assign.' Therefore, the etymology of 'distribute' conveys the act of giving or assigning something apart from a singular source, essentially dividing it among different individuals, groups, or locations. This fundamental notion of allocation and dispersion has remained at the core of the word's meaning throughout its linguistic evolution. Today, 'distribute' is used to describe the action of apportioning or disseminating something, whether it be goods, resources, information, or tasks, among various recipients or locations.

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Further usage examples of distribute

1. The organization is working to distribute educational materials to schools in remote areas.
2. The company uses a network of distributors to distribute its products globally.
3. The government plans to distribute vaccines to the entire population.
4. It's essential to distribute resources fairly in order to promote social equality.
5. The digital platform allows users to distribute their content to a wide audience.
6. The company plans to distribute bonuses among its employees fairly.
7. Volunteers will distribute food to the homeless shelter tonight.
8. The government aims to distribute vaccines to all regions.
9. Please distribute the handouts to everyone in the meeting.
10. We need to distribute the workload evenly among the team.
11. The charity will distribute toys to underprivileged children.
12. It's crucial to distribute resources efficiently in a crisis.
13. The goal is to distribute knowledge to as many people as possible.
14. The teacher will distribute textbooks to the students.
15. The organization will distribute relief supplies to disaster victims.
16. They decided to distribute profits among shareholders.
17. The team leader will distribute tasks for the project.
18. The goal is to distribute wealth more equitably.
19. Let's distribute responsibilities to make the project run smoothly.
20. The goal is to distribute flyers throughout the neighborhood.
21. The committee will distribute funds to approved projects.
22. The objective is to distribute power evenly in the system.
23. We need to distribute the workload to meet the deadline.
24. The plan is to distribute resources based on need.
25. Distribute the prizes to the winners of the competition.

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