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How to pronounce weaken (audio)

Dictionary definition of weaken

To reduce or diminish the strength, power, or effectiveness of something.
"The storm's powerful winds began to weaken as it moved further inland."

Detailed meaning of weaken

It implies a process of gradual or intentional loss or decline in force, intensity, or ability. When something weakens, it becomes less robust, resilient, or capable of performing at its previous level. This can occur in various contexts, such as physical strength weakening due to illness, muscles weakening from lack of use, or a structure weakening over time due to decay or damage. Additionally, "weaken" can be used metaphorically to describe the dilution or reduction of other qualities, such as weakening an argument by introducing flaws or weakening a position by losing support or influence. The verb "weaken" emphasizes the notion of deterioration, attenuation, or loss, often resulting in a diminished state or capacity compared to its previous condition.

Example sentences containing weaken

1. The storm's force did not weaken as it approached the coastline.
2. The athlete's performance started to weaken towards the end of the race.
3. The company's profits began to weaken due to increased competition.
4. The bridge's structure started to weaken under the weight of heavy traffic.
5. The medication may weaken your immune system temporarily.
6. The negotiations with the union threatened to weaken the company's position.

History and etymology of weaken

The verb 'weaken' can be traced back to its root word, 'weak,' which originates from the Old English word 'wēac.' This word has its roots in the Proto-Germanic term 'waikijan,' and it embodies the concept of diminishing or reducing strength or power. When we use 'weaken' in a sentence, we are referring to the action of making something less strong or effective. It encapsulates the process of causing a decline in vigor or robustness, whether it be physical, metaphorical, or in the context of various situations and circumstances where the diminishment of strength or power is at play.

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Further usage examples of weaken

1. The old rope showed signs of weakening and needed to be replaced.
2. The economy's growth rate is expected to weaken in the next quarter.
3. The ruler's grip on power began to weaken as discontent spread among the people.
4. The foundation's support beams started to weaken, causing concern for the building's stability.
5. The bond between the two friends did not weaken despite their physical distance.
6. The army's morale did not weaken, even in the face of a relentless enemy.
7. The virus has the potential to weaken the body's immune response.
8. The constant stress can weaken one's mental and emotional well-being.
9. The opposition's argument failed to weaken the politician's position.
10. The team's defense started to weaken as fatigue set in.
11. The continuous exposure to harsh chemicals can weaken the material over time.
12. The repeated failures began to weaken his confidence in his abilities.
13. The protests aimed to weaken the government's authority and demand change.
14. The lack of sleep can weaken the body's ability to recover and function optimally.



debilitate, strengthen, fortify, enhance


Suffix -en, TOEFL 13, High School 8, Reduce and Weaken

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