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How to pronounce dinky (audio)

Dictionary definition of dinky

Small, cute, or insignificant in size or stature.
"They lived in a dinky little cottage by the seaside."

Detailed meaning of dinky

It often conveys a sense of charm, endearment, or nostalgia. When something is referred to as "dinky," it implies that it is compact, miniature, or pint-sized. It can be used to describe objects, animals, or even people, emphasizing their small and adorable nature. The term "dinky" can also carry a slightly derogatory connotation when used to imply something as being trivial, unimportant, or of little significance. However, it is most commonly employed in a lighthearted or affectionate manner, celebrating the attractiveness or cuteness of something that is small in size or scale.

Example sentences containing dinky

1. The dinky cottage by the lake was perfect for a cozy weekend getaway.
2. The children giggled as they played with their dinky toy cars.
3. In the corner of the antique shop, I found a dinky teapot from the 1800s.
4. Despite its dinky appearance, the tiny bakery served the most delicious pastries.
5. She wore a dinky necklace that held sentimental value to her.
6. The town's dinky library had a surprisingly vast collection of books.

History and etymology of dinky

The noun 'dimwit' is a colloquial term that combines two elements in its etymology. 'Dim' is derived from Middle English 'dimme,' which means 'not bright' or 'lacking in light.' 'Wit' comes from Old English 'wit,' meaning 'knowledge' or 'understanding.' Therefore, the etymology of 'dimwit' metaphorically portrays a person as lacking brightness or intellectual illumination, indicating that they are regarded as lacking intelligence, common sense, or the ability to comprehend and understand things easily. It's a term that has evolved in informal language to describe someone who may not readily grasp or process information, emphasizing a deficiency in mental acuity or cognitive abilities.

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Further usage examples of dinky

1. Their dinky garden was bursting with colorful flowers and herbs.
2. The old, dinky train chugged along the scenic countryside.
3. The dinky café on the corner served the best homemade pies.
4. His dinky camera captured breathtaking landscapes on his travels.
5. The dinky kitten charmed everyone with its playful antics.
6. She had a collection of dinky toys from her childhood.
7. The shop displayed a range of dinky trinkets and knick-knacks.
8. The toddler wore a dinky little hat that made everyone smile.
9. The antique shop had a dinky teacup set that caught my eye.
10. The puppy was so dinky that it fit in the palm of my hand.
11. The car they rented for the weekend was a dinky little vehicle.
12. She had a dinky notebook where she recorded her thoughts and ideas.
13. The bakery sold dinky cupcakes that were almost too cute to eat.
14. They built a dinky model house using popsicle sticks and glue.
15. The restaurant served dinky portions of gourmet cuisine.
16. The children played with dinky toy cars in the sandbox.
17. The boutique had a dinky display of delicate jewelry.
18. The garden had a dinky fountain that added charm to the landscape.
19. The beach town had a row of dinky souvenir shops along the boardwalk.
20. The magician pulled a dinky rabbit out of his hat to the audience's delight.
21. They had a dinky little cabin in the mountains where they escaped for weekends.
22. The bird had a dinky nest nestled among the branches of the tree.
23. The retro diner had dinky booths and a jukebox playing old tunes.
24. She wore a dinky necklace with a tiny pendant that held sentimental value.



tiny, large, substantial, massive


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