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How to pronounce discombobulate (audio)


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Dictionary definition of discombobulate

To confuse, disorient, or unsettle someone or something.
"He deliberately tried to discombobulate the opposition with his tricky manoeuvres."

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Detailed meaning of discombobulate

The term is often used in a playful or lighthearted way, and can be applied to a wide range of situations, from a person feeling disoriented after a long flight to a complex puzzle or problem that seems impossible to solve. Discombobulating can be caused by a variety of factors, such as a sudden change in routine, a lack of familiarity with a new environment, or the overwhelming nature of a particular task or challenge. When a person or thing is discombobulated, they may feel a sense of unease, anxiety, or frustration, and may struggle to regain their footing or focus. However, the term can also be used more broadly to describe a feeling of disconnection or disruption, such as when a social group or community experiences tension or discord. In these cases, discombobulating can lead to a breakdown in communication or cooperation, and may require careful attention and effort to resolve.

Example sentences containing discombobulate

1. The magic trick will discombobulate the audience.
2. This puzzle is sure to discombobulate even the smartest among us.
3. Loud noises in the office always discombobulate me when I'm trying to focus.
4. The unexpected plot twist is bound to discombobulate viewers.
5. The sudden change in plans will discombobulate everyone involved.
6. The mysterious illusion managed to discombobulate the entire crowd.

History and etymology of discombobulate

The verb 'discombobulate' has a whimsical and somewhat mysterious etymology. Its origins are uncertain, and it appears to be a playful creation of American English in the early 20th century. While the exact source remains elusive, it's believed to be a humorous and fanciful wordplay on the idea of causing confusion or disorientation. The unique sound and structure of 'discombobulate' seem to be intentionally designed to evoke a sense of disarray and bewilderment. Despite its invented nature, the term has become a colorful and effective way to describe the act of unsettling or confusing someone or something, and it's widely used to convey a sense of delightful disarray in language.

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Further usage examples of discombobulate

1. New technology tends to discombobulate those who are not accustomed to it.
2. His strange sense of humor can discombobulate people who don't know him well.
3. The winding roads in the mountain can easily discombobulate inexperienced drivers.
4. The new software update might discombobulate users who are not prepared for the changes.
5. The elaborate dance routine was designed to discombobulate the competition.
6. When the clocks change for daylight saving time, it always seems to discombobulate my sleep schedule.
7. The chemistry lesson on molecular structures will probably discombobulate a few students.
8. Unfamiliar surroundings tend to discombobulate pets, so it's important to make them feel safe.
9. The abrupt change in music tempo is meant to discombobulate the dancers.
10. This complex math problem will discombobulate anyone who doesn’t know the formula.
11. If you rearrange the furniture without telling anyone, it will discombobulate the whole family.
12. A surprise quiz can discombobulate students who haven't been paying attention in class.
13. The lecturer’s intricate explanations can discombobulate people who are new to the subject.
14. Trying to understand quantum mechanics is sure to discombobulate most people.



confuse, clarify, enlighten, simplify


GRE 14 (Graduate Record Examination), Confusion and Misunderstanding, Puzzlement and Perplexity

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