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How to pronounce disjointed (audio)

Dictionary definition of disjointed

Lacking coherence, consistency, or logical connection.
"The movie's plot was so disjointed that it was difficult to follow."

Detailed meaning of disjointed

It describes a state of being fragmented or disconnected, where the elements or parts do not fit together smoothly or seamlessly. When applied to a paragraph, it suggests that the ideas, sentences, or arguments within it are disorganized and fail to flow logically, resulting in a jumbled or chaotic presentation. This disjointedness can make it challenging for readers to follow the intended meaning or message of the paragraph, as the lack of unity and coherence hinders understanding and clarity.

Example sentences containing disjointed

1. Her speech was filled with disjointed thoughts and lacked a clear structure.
2. The team's performance on the field was disjointed, with players not working together effectively.
3. The conversation became disjointed as different topics were brought up without any connection.
4. The artist's painting had a disjointed composition, with random shapes and colors scattered across the canvas.
5. The professor's lecture was disjointed, jumping from one topic to another without a clear progression.
6. The novel's storyline felt disjointed, with abrupt shifts in time and perspective.

History and etymology of disjointed

The adjective 'disjointed' finds its etymological origins in the late 16th century. It is formed by adding the prefix 'dis-' to 'jointed.' The prefix 'dis-' originates from Latin and signifies negation or reversal. The term 'jointed' comes from the Middle English word 'jointen,' which means 'to connect' or 'to join together,' rooted in Old French 'joint' and Latin 'iunctus,' both referring to joining or connecting. Therefore, when exploring the etymology of 'disjointed,' it conveys the idea of lacking coherence, consistency, or logical connection, emphasizing the negation or reversal of a state of being well-joined or interconnected. It signifies a condition where elements are not seamlessly connected or coordinated, resulting in a fragmented or incoherent whole.

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Further usage examples of disjointed

1. The committee's decision-making process was disjointed, with conflicting opinions and lack of consensus.
2. The music album had a disjointed flow, with songs that didn't blend well together.
3. The company's marketing strategy seemed disjointed, with inconsistent messaging across different platforms.
4. The city's transportation system was disjointed, with no seamless connection between bus and train routes.
5. The play's dialogue was disjointed, making it difficult for the audience to understand the characters' motivations.
6. The speech felt disjointed, with ideas scattered without structure.
7. Their conversation was disjointed, jumping from topic to topic.
8. The story's plot was confusing and disjointed, making it hard to follow.
9. The team's efforts were disjointed, leading to a lack of progress.
10. The movie's editing was so disjointed that it disrupted the flow.
11. The disjointed puzzle pieces didn't fit together as expected.
12. His thoughts were disjointed, making it challenging to communicate.
13. The committee's decision seemed disjointed, lacking a clear rationale.
14. The music had a disjointed rhythm that was difficult to dance to.
15. The meeting felt disjointed, with no clear agenda or purpose.
16. Her essay was disjointed, with paragraphs that didn't connect.
17. The artist's work appeared disjointed, lacking a unifying theme.
18. The team's disjointed collaboration led to missed deadlines.
19. The project's execution was disjointed, causing delays.
20. The dialogue in the play felt disjointed and unnatural.
21. The road trip was enjoyable but somewhat disjointed in its planning.
22. The novel's narrative felt disjointed due to abrupt shifts in perspective.
23. His painting was intentionally disjointed, conveying chaos.
24. The construction project was marred by a disjointed supply chain.
25. The presentation came across as disjointed, confusing the audience.



disconnected, coherent, unified, connected


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