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divided, unified, cohesive, intact


SAT 19 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Division and Separation, Chaos and Confusion



How to pronounce fragmented (audio)


Dictionary definition of fragmented

Broken or divided into separate parts or pieces, often resulting in a lack of unity, cohesion, or completeness.
"The organization's leadership was fragmented, leading to conflicting decisions."

Detailed meaning of fragmented

When something is fragmented, it has lost its original wholeness or structure and is now composed of smaller, disconnected components. This can apply to physical objects, such as fragmented glass or a fragmented puzzle, as well as abstract concepts, such as fragmented information or fragmented memories. It implies a sense of disintegration, incompleteness, or discontinuity. Something that is fragmented may be difficult to comprehend or navigate due to its disjointed nature. The term "fragmented" can also be used to describe a situation or group that is divided or splintered into smaller factions or parts, often hindering effective communication or collaboration. Overall, fragmented conveys a state of fragmentation, indicating a lack of unity or coherence in the whole.

Example sentences containing fragmented

1. The mirror shattered into fragmented pieces upon impact.
2. Her memories of the accident were fragmented and unclear.
3. The team's strategy was fragmented, with each member pursuing their own agenda.
4. The document was difficult to read due to its fragmented paragraphs.
5. The artist arranged the fragmented images to create an abstract collage.
6. The puzzle was missing several pieces, leaving it incomplete and fragmented.

History and etymology of fragmented

The adjective 'fragmented' is closely tied to its root word 'fragment.' It originates from the Latin word 'fragmentum,' which, as mentioned earlier, is derived from the verb 'frangere,' meaning 'to break.' When we add the suffix '-ed' to 'fragment,' we create 'fragmented,' which aptly describes something that has been broken or divided into separate parts or pieces. It often implies a lack of unity, cohesion, or completeness, as these separate elements are no longer part of a unified whole. The etymology of 'fragmented' underscores its connection to the concept of breaking or division, conveying the idea that the whole has been fractured into disjointed or incomplete parts.

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Further usage examples of fragmented

1. The city's transportation system was fragmented, making it difficult to navigate.
2. The news article presented a fragmented account of the events.
3. The patient's thoughts were fragmented and disorganized.
4. The project's timeline was fragmented, causing delays and confusion.
5. The database contained fragmented data, making it challenging to retrieve accurate information.
6. The team's communication was fragmented, leading to misunderstandings.
7. Her memories of the accident were fragmented and unclear.
8. Fragmented data can hinder the accuracy of statistical analysis.
9. The country's healthcare system is fragmented and inefficient.
10. His attention span seemed fragmented during the long lecture.
11. Fragmented opinions within the group led to indecision.
12. The novel's plot felt fragmented, making it hard to follow.
13. The city's infrastructure is fragmented, causing traffic jams.
14. The organization's goals became fragmented over time.
15. Fragmented code can lead to software bugs and crashes.
16. Social media can leave people feeling fragmented and isolated.
17. A fragmented approach to problem-solving can be counterproductive.
18. Fragmented ecosystems suffer from biodiversity loss.
19. Fragmented industries struggle to adapt to changing markets.
20. The artist's style was deliberately fragmented, challenging viewers.
21. Fragmented policies hinder progress in environmental conservation.
22. Fragmented schedules made it difficult to coordinate meetings.
23. Fragmented resources limited their ability to respond effectively.
24. Fragmented memories resurfaced during therapy sessions.
25. Fragmented narratives can create a sense of suspense in storytelling.

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