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disassemble, construct, assemble, build


TOEFL 6, Damage and Destruction, Ending and Conclusion, Destruction and Devastation



How to pronounce dismantle (audio)


Dictionary definition of dismantle

To taking apart, disassemble, or deconstruct a structure, object, system, or organization, often with the intent to remove or render it non-functional.
"The mechanic began to dismantle the engine to diagnose the problem."

Detailed meaning of dismantle

This process involves systematically breaking down the components or elements that make up the whole, usually for purposes such as repair, reconfiguration, transportation, or disposal. 'Dismantle' can be applied to physical objects like machinery, furniture, or buildings when they need to be taken apart or removed. It is also used metaphorically to describe the deconstruction or breakdown of complex systems, institutions, or ideas, highlighting the process of rendering them ineffective or obsolete. 'Dismantle' implies a deliberate and systematic approach to disassembly, leading to a state where the original structure or entity no longer functions as it did.

Example sentences containing dismantle

1. The mechanics had to dismantle the engine to repair the underlying issue.
2. It's essential to dismantle stereotypes and promote inclusivity in society.
3. The government's decision to dismantle the old factory sparked economic concerns.
4. As a symbol of progress, they chose to dismantle the outdated infrastructure.
5. The team had to dismantle the faulty equipment to identify the problem.
6. To address corruption, the new leader vowed to dismantle corrupt institutions.

History and etymology of dismantle

The verb 'dismantle' derives its etymology from a combination of two distinct elements. The first part, 'dis-,' is a prefix of Latin origin that means 'apart' or 'away.' The second part, 'mantle,' has Old French and Latin roots, originating from the word 'mantelum,' which referred to a cloak or covering. In this context, 'mantle' came to symbolize the figurative covering or structure of an object, system, or organization. Therefore, when we break down the etymology of 'dismantle,' it essentially means to take something apart, disassemble, or deconstruct it, with the intention of removing or rendering it non-functional by removing its figurative covering or structure, reflecting its modern usage.

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Further usage examples of dismantle

1. It took weeks to safely dismantle the massive scaffolding surrounding the building.
2. Environmentalists work tirelessly to dismantle harmful industries for a greener future.
3. The archaeologists carefully dismantled the ancient structure to study its history.
4. The decision to dismantle the company's hierarchy led to increased creativity.
5. To promote peace, they negotiated to dismantle the disputed border defenses.
6. They decided to dismantle the old furniture and replace it.
7. It took them hours to dismantle the complicated puzzle.
8. The construction crew was hired to dismantle the scaffolding after the project was completed.
9. The organization planned to dismantle the outdated system and implement a new one.
10. He used a wrench to carefully dismantle the bicycle for maintenance.
11. The government announced its decision to dismantle the controversial policy.
12. The team worked together to dismantle the stage after the performance.
13. The rebels attempted to dismantle the oppressive regime.
14. She started to dismantle the computer to clean its components.
15. The company decided to dismantle the old factory and build a new one.
16. The explorers had to dismantle their camp and move to a safer location.
17. The activists campaigned to dismantle the discriminatory laws.
18. He hired professionals to dismantle the large, antique chandelier.
19. The team was given the task to dismantle the temporary structures at the event venue.
20. They were required to dismantle the tents and pack up the camping gear.
21. The government's plan is to dismantle the monopolistic practices in the industry.
22. The technician carefully dismantled the broken machine to repair it.
23. The soldiers were ordered to dismantle the enemy's fortifications.
24. The art installation was designed to be easy to dismantle and transport.

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