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How to pronounce dissatisfied (audio)


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Dictionary definition of dissatisfied

Unhappy, displeased, or unsatisfied with someone or something.
"He felt dissatisfied with his current job and wanted to explore new opportunities."

Detailed meaning of dissatisfied

When someone is dissatisfied, they feel a sense of discontentment, disappointment, or frustration due to unmet expectations, desires, or needs. This feeling often arises when there is a perceived gap between what is desired or expected and what is actually received or experienced. Dissatisfaction can be related to various aspects of life, such as personal relationships, work, products, services, or overall circumstances. It may manifest as a general feeling of unease or as specific grievances and complaints. Dissatisfied individuals may seek resolutions or changes to improve their level of satisfaction or address the underlying issues causing their discontentment.

Example sentences containing dissatisfied

1. He was dissatisfied with the meal and sent it back to the kitchen.
2. The customer left a negative review because she was dissatisfied with the product's quality.
3. The employees were dissatisfied with the new management and considered forming a union.
4. Despite his wealth, he felt dissatisfied with his life and sought more meaningful experiences.
5. The voters were dissatisfied with the government's handling of the economic crisis.
6. The author was dissatisfied with the first draft of his novel and decided to rewrite it entirely.

History and etymology of dissatisfied

The adjective 'dissatisfied' is formed from the prefix 'dis-' and the word 'satisfied.' The root of 'satisfied' can be traced back to the Latin word 'satisfacere,' which is a combination of 'satis,' meaning 'enough' or 'sufficient,' and 'facere,' meaning 'to make' or 'to do.' 'Satisfacere' originally meant 'to make enough' or 'to fulfill,' implying a sense of contentment or fulfillment. With the addition of the 'dis-' prefix, meaning 'apart' or 'away from,' 'dissatisfied' etymologically conveys the idea of being 'away from satisfaction' or experiencing a lack of contentment. In its modern usage, 'dissatisfied' describes a state of being unhappy, displeased, or unsatisfied with someone or something, reflecting its historical connection to the absence of contentment or fulfillment.

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Further usage examples of dissatisfied

1. She was dissatisfied with her performance in the competition and vowed to practice more.
2. The company received several complaints from dissatisfied customers regarding delayed shipments.
3. The students were dissatisfied with the changes in the curriculum and voiced their concerns to the administration.
4. The director was dissatisfied with the actor's portrayal of the character and asked for a different approach.
5. The family was dissatisfied with the tour guide's lack of knowledge about the city's history.
6. He was dissatisfied with the room’s cleanliness and asked to be moved to another one.
7. The team was dissatisfied with the results of the game and recognized the need for better teamwork.
8. The residents were dissatisfied with the lack of parking spaces in their apartment complex.
9. The designer was dissatisfied with the fabric choices and decided to search for alternatives.
10. She remained dissatisfied with the customer service response.
11. The employees grew dissatisfied with their working conditions.
12. He was dissatisfied with the results of the project.
13. Dissatisfied customers often voice their complaints online.
14. The team was dissatisfied with the manager's leadership.
15. Dissatisfied voters called for political reform.
16. Dissatisfied with her performance, he sought a new tutor.
17. The guests left the restaurant dissatisfied with the meal.
18. Dissatisfied clients may seek legal recourse.
19. Dissatisfied parents demanded better school facilities.
20. Dissatisfied shareholders questioned the company's decisions.
21. The patient was dissatisfied with the medical treatment.
22. Dissatisfied passengers filed complaints about the airline.
23. Dissatisfied citizens rallied for improved public services.
24. Dissatisfied consumers returned the faulty products.



unhappy, satisfied, content, pleased


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