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How to pronounce disgruntled (audio)


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Dictionary definition of disgruntled

Discontent or dissatisfaction, often as a result of unfair treatment or a lack of fulfillment of expectations.
"She was disgruntled when her request for time off was denied."

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Detailed meaning of disgruntled

Disgruntled means unhappy or dissatisfied. Disgruntled can describe a person's emotional state or mood, and is often a result of negative experiences or circumstances. It is a negative emotion that can impact a person's overall well-being and can lead to negative behaviors or actions.

Example sentences containing disgruntled

1. The disgruntled employee wrote a lengthy email to management about the working conditions.
2. After waiting for hours, the disgruntled passengers were informed that the flight was canceled.
3. The restaurant received a complaint from a disgruntled customer who found the service unsatisfactory.
4. The team's poor performance left their coach disgruntled and disappointed.
5. The disgruntled artist felt that his work was not appreciated or understood.
6. The residents were disgruntled by the constant construction noise in the neighborhood.

History and etymology of disgruntled

The word 'disgruntled' has an interesting etymology that can be traced back to the early 17th century. It is formed by adding the prefix 'dis-' to the word 'gruntle,' which was an old English dialect word meaning to grumble or complain. Over time, 'gruntle' fell out of common usage, and the prefix 'dis-' came to be associated with negation or reversal, as seen in words like 'discontent' or 'displeasure.' Thus, 'disgruntled' evolved to mean the opposite of being content or pleased, describing a state of discontent or dissatisfaction, often arising from unfair treatment or unmet expectations. It has become a common term to express feelings of unhappiness or displeasure with a situation or circumstances.

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Further usage examples of disgruntled

1. The change in company policy led to a wave of disgruntled employees seeking employment elsewhere.
2. A group of disgruntled fans gathered outside the stadium to protest the team's decisions.
3. She was a disgruntled tenant, constantly battling with the landlord over maintenance issues.
4. The director faced a room full of disgruntled investors after the company's stock plummeted.
5. The students were disgruntled when the teacher announced a surprise quiz.
6. The mayor’s controversial decisions led to a community meeting filled with disgruntled citizens.
7. The lead actor was disgruntled after his scenes were cut from the final movie.
8. The musician grew disgruntled with the band’s direction and decided to pursue a solo career.
9. The store offered refunds to disgruntled customers who were affected by the product recall.
10. He was disgruntled when his application for a loan was denied.
11. The employees were disgruntled over the lack of recognition for their hard work.
12. She was disgruntled when her request for additional resources was denied.
13. The customers were disgruntled over the long lines and slow service.
14. The disgruntled employee voiced concerns about working conditions.
15. Disgruntled customers complained about the service at the restaurant.
16. A disgruntled fan expressed disappointment over the team's performance.
17. The union negotiated better benefits for the disgruntled workers.
18. Disgruntled voters expressed frustration with the political system.
19. The disgruntled passenger demanded compensation for a delayed flight.
20. Disgruntled shareholders questioned the company's management.
21. Disgruntled tenants protested against rising rent prices.
22. The teacher tried to address the concerns of disgruntled students.
23. Disgruntled citizens rallied for changes in government policies.
24. The disgruntled customer left a scathing review online.



dissatisfied, content, pleased, satisfied


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