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How to pronounce dole (audio)


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Dictionary definition of dole

A form of welfare or social assistance provided by the government to individuals who are unemployed or otherwise in need of financial support.
"He relied on the dole to pay his bills while he searched for a job."

Detailed meaning of dole

This assistance may come in the form of regular payments or other forms of aid, such as food or housing subsidies. The purpose of the dole is to help people who are struggling financially to make ends meet and to provide a safety net for those who are unable to find work. The term 'dole' is often used in the context of economic downturns or high levels of unemployment, as governments may increase funding for social welfare programs in order to support those who are struggling. While the dole can be a helpful resource for those in need, it is also subject to criticism from some who argue that it can create dependency and discourage individuals from seeking work or pursuing other opportunities.

Example sentences containing dole

1. The government provides financial assistance to those in need through the dole.
2. He relied on the dole to support himself after losing his job.
3. The unemployed individuals received their weekly dole payments.
4. The dole program aims to alleviate poverty and provide temporary support.
5. She qualified for the dole due to her low income and inability to find work.
6. The dole helped him cover his basic living expenses during a difficult time.

History and etymology of dole

The noun 'dole' has its etymological roots in the Old English word 'dāl,' which means 'portion' or 'share.' 'Dole' is used to describe a form of welfare or social assistance provided by the government to individuals who are unemployed or otherwise in need of financial support. The term embodies the idea of distributing a share or portion of resources to those who are less fortunate or facing economic hardship. 'Dole' reflects the historical practice of offering aid to the needy and unemployed, often in the form of financial relief or provisions. It serves as a reminder of society's responsibility to care for its vulnerable members and ensure a safety net for those facing economic challenges.

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Further usage examples of dole

1. Many families rely on the dole as their primary source of income.
2. The government increased the dole payments to address the rising cost of living.
3. The dole serves as a safety net for individuals facing financial hardship.
4. He was grateful for the dole, as it allowed him to feed his family during a period of unemployment.
5. The dole system requires recipients to actively seek employment.
6. Some people abuse the dole system by fraudulently claiming benefits.
7. The dole eligibility criteria ensure that only those in genuine need receive assistance.
8. The government introduced reforms to streamline the dole program and reduce dependency.
9. The dole application process requires applicants to provide detailed financial information.
10. The dole office provides counseling and job placement services to help recipients find work.
11. She transitioned off the dole after securing a full-time job.
12. The dole provides a temporary lifeline for individuals facing unexpected financial setbacks.
13. The dole program aims to empower recipients by helping them become self-sufficient.
14. The government invests in training programs to help dole recipients develop new skills and improve employability.



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