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How to pronounce duty (audio)


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Dictionary definition of duty

A moral or legal obligation, responsibility, or task that one is expected or required to fulfill.
"The police officer diligently carried out his duty to protect and serve the community."

Detailed meaning of duty

The noun "duty" refers to It encompasses the duties and obligations that individuals have towards themselves, others, or society as a whole. Duty often implies a sense of commitment and accountability, indicating that certain actions or behaviors are necessary or expected in a particular role or situation. It can be a professional duty, such as the responsibilities associated with a job or profession, or a personal duty, like taking care of family or contributing to the community. Duties are typically guided by ethical principles, laws, rules, or social norms, and failing to fulfill one's duties may result in consequences or judgments. Duty carries a sense of obligation and is often driven by a sense of moral or social duty, reflecting an individual's commitment to acting in a responsible and conscientious manner.

Example sentences containing duty

1. It is my duty to take care of my younger siblings when my parents are away.
2. The soldier fulfilled his duty by serving his country with honor.
3. As a citizen, it is our duty to vote in elections and participate in the democratic process.
4. The doctor was called in to perform his duty during an emergency surgery.
5. The police officer patrolled the streets diligently, always ready to fulfill his duty.
6. The teacher's duty is to educate and inspire their students.

History and etymology of duty

The noun 'duty' has its etymological roots in Old French and ultimately traces back to the Latin word 'debitum.' In Old French, it was 'deuete,' which meant 'debt' or 'obligation.' 'Debitum' in Latin comes from the verb 'debere,' meaning 'to owe' or 'to be obliged.' Therefore, the etymology of 'duty' conveys the concept of a moral or legal obligation, responsibility, or task that one is expected or required to fulfill, akin to a debt owed to society, one's conscience, or an authority. Over time, 'duty' has become a fundamental term in ethics, law, and social norms, embodying the notion that individuals are bound by certain obligations or responsibilities that arise from their roles, relationships, or positions in society.

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Further usage examples of duty

1. The nurse carried out her duty with compassion and professionalism.
2. It is your duty to respect and obey the laws of the land.
3. The firefighter bravely entered the burning building, risking his life to fulfill his duty.
4. The judge presided over the courtroom, ensuring that justice was served according to his duty.
5. The postal worker diligently delivered the mail, faithfully fulfilling his duty.
6. The lifeguard watched over the swimmers, ready to fulfill his duty at a moment's notice.
7. The parent's duty is to provide love, guidance, and support to their children.
8. The security guard maintained the safety and security of the premises as part of his duty.
9. The waiter attended to the customers' needs, carrying out his duty with a smile.
10. The airline pilot assumed the responsibility of safely flying the passengers to their destination as his duty.
11. The custodian took pride in his duty of keeping the school clean and organized.
12. The judge reminded the jury of their duty to carefully consider the evidence before reaching a verdict.
13. The CEO recognized the duty of the company to be socially responsible and contribute to the community.
14. The caretaker fulfilled her duty by ensuring the elderly residents were well cared for and comfortable.



obligation, choice, option, freedom


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