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How to pronounce fervor (audio)


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Dictionary definition of fervor

Intense and passionate enthusiasm, dedication, or ardor towards a particular belief, cause, or activity.
"The debate was fueled by the fervor of opposing viewpoints."


Detailed meaning of fervor

When we use the term "fervor," we emphasize the depth and sincerity of one's feelings and commitment. Fervor often involves a strong emotional attachment and an unwavering determination to pursue or support something with great zeal. It can manifest in various aspects of life, such as religious fervor, political fervor, or creative fervor, indicating a fervent and wholehearted devotion to a particular pursuit or conviction. Fervor conveys a sense of powerful and unyielding dedication, suggesting that the individual's emotions and efforts are fueled by a profound belief or passion. It is often associated with a sense of urgency and a desire to make a meaningful impact or contribution to the chosen cause or belief.

Example sentences containing fervor

1. Her fervor for environmental conservation drove her to lead tree-planting initiatives.
2. The political rally was a passionate display of fervor, with attendees chanting slogans.
3. His fervor for justice was evident in his tireless advocacy for marginalized communities.
4. The artist approached her work with unwavering fervor, pouring her heart into each piece.
5. The fervor of the fans reached a fever pitch as they cheered on their beloved team.
6. Their fervor for charity work made a tangible impact on the lives of those they helped.

History and etymology of fervor

The noun 'fervor' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'fervor,' which means 'heat' or 'intense warmth.' In the context of emotions and beliefs, 'fervor' describes intense and passionate enthusiasm, dedication, or ardor towards a particular cause, belief, or activity. It signifies a deep and burning passion that radiates like heat, often driving individuals to fervently pursue their convictions or interests. 'Fervor' conveys the idea of being emotionally and spiritually heated, inspiring unwavering commitment and zeal. Therefore, the etymology of 'fervor' reflects its historical connection to the concept of intense warmth and passion, emphasizing its role in describing a state of intense and passionate dedication, as conveyed by its linguistic heritage.

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Further usage examples of fervor

1. The religious leader's sermons ignited fervor in his congregation, strengthening their faith.
2. She tackled every challenge with the fervor of a true champion, refusing to back down.
3. The fervor of the protesters was unshakable as they demanded social change.
4. His fervor for learning was evident in his insatiable thirst for knowledge.
5. The team's collective fervor for the project led to its successful and timely completion.
6. The fervor in her voice as she sang moved the audience to tears of admiration.
7. The fervor of the volunteers was indispensable in making the event a resounding success.
8. His fervor for innovation continuously pushed the boundaries of what was possible.
9. The fervor of the explorers drove them to endure extreme conditions in their quest.
10. She tackled her acting role with fervor and passion, earning accolades from critics.
11. The fervor of the musicians electrified the concert hall, leaving the audience euphoric.
12. Their fervor for equal rights catalyzed historic changes in societal norms.
13. The fervor of the students was evident in their unwavering commitment to their studies.
14. His fervor for the cause remained unyielding, even when faced with adversity.
15. The fervor of the athletes fueled their rigorous training routines and stellar performances.
16. The fervor of the volunteers transformed the dilapidated community center into a vibrant hub.
17. Her fervor for the project was a constant source of inspiration for the entire team.
18. The fervor of the chef resulted in a menu that featured exquisite culinary creations.
19. His fervor for technology led to groundbreaking innovations that revolutionized the industry.
20. The fervor of the poets was palpable in their verses, which resonated deeply with readers.
21. The fervor of the environmentalists culminated in significant policy changes that protected ecosystems.
22. Her fervor for education earned her a reputation as a beloved and dedicated teacher.
23. The fervor of the dancers breathed life into their performances, captivating audiences.
24. Their fervor for adventure led them on thrilling journeys to remote and exotic destinations around the world.



zeal, apathy, indifference, coldness


Suffix -or, Abundance and Excess, Devotion and Discipline, Vitality and Vigor, Middle School 13, Excitement and Enthusiasm

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