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How to pronounce removal (audio)

Dictionary definition of removal

The act or process of taking something away or eliminating it from a particular place or situation.
"The removal of graffiti from the walls was a tedious task for the maintenance crew."

Detailed meaning of removal

It implies the deliberate action of getting rid of or extracting something that is no longer desired, necessary, or appropriate. Removal can involve physical tasks, such as clearing debris, extracting objects, or eliminating substances. It can also encompass abstract concepts, such as the elimination of barriers, obstacles, or problems. The term "removal" often implies a purposeful and intentional act, aiming to create a change, improve a situation, or restore a desired state. Whether it involves physical objects, substances, or abstract ideas, removal plays a crucial role in creating order, progress, and improvement in various domains of life, from personal to professional, from environmental to social.

Example sentences containing removal

1. The removal of graffiti brightened the walls, breathing life into the alley.
2. Tree removal is essential for safety during storms to avoid damage to homes.
3. Rapid snow removal ensured the roads were safe and passable for all drivers.
4. Stain removal can refresh an old garment, making it vibrant and wearable again.
5. Removal of toxins from rivers helps in restoring aquatic life and biodiversity.
6. The removal of outdated laws paves the way for a more equitable society.

History and etymology of removal

The noun 'removal' finds its etymological roots in the Latin word 'removalis,' which is a combination of 're,' meaning 'back' or 'away,' and 'movere,' meaning 'to move.' Consequently, 'removalis' originally meant 'the act of moving back' or 'taking something away.' As Latin evolved into Old French, 'removalis' transformed into 'remouval,' and this term eventually made its way into Middle English as 'removal.' This etymology precisely mirrors the concept of the act or process of taking something away or eliminating it from a particular place or situation, emphasizing the idea of moving something back or away from its previous location or state.

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Further usage examples of removal

1. Pest removal is a must to ensure a healthy, disease-free environment indoors.
2. Waste removal is critical for maintaining cleanliness in urban areas daily.
3. Hair removal creams provide a painless option for smooth, hair-free skin.
4. Tattoo removal technologies have advanced, making the process less painful.
5. The removal of barriers to education ensures learning opportunities for all.
6. After the removal of debris, the park was clean and inviting once again.
7. The swift removal of invasive species helps protect native flora and fauna.
8. Old furniture removal can make room for modern, stylish, and comfy pieces.
9. With the removal of restrictions, the market saw an unprecedented growth spurt.
10. Mold removal is essential to ensure a healthy and safe living environment.
11. The removal of old paint revealed the original, beautiful wood underneath.
12. Noise removal technology in cameras ensures crisp and clear audio recordings.
13. After the removal of the dictator, the nation hoped for peace and prosperity.
14. Leaves' removal in autumn is a ritual ensuring gardens stay neat and tidy.
15. After the storm, the removal of fallen trees and debris began immediately.
16. The removal of the old carpet revealed a beautiful hardwood floor underneath.
17. She scheduled an appointment for the removal of her wisdom teeth.
18. The removal of the old paint required several layers of sanding.
19. The company specialized in the safe removal of hazardous materials.
20. The removal of the tumor was successful, and the patient's health improved.
21. They hired a professional service for the removal of pests from their home.
22. The removal of the old bridge paved the way for a modern and safer structure.
23. The city council approved the removal of outdated parking meters.
24. She hired a moving company for the removal of her belongings to the new house.
25. The removal of the old roof and installation of a new one took several days.



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