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How to pronounce elope (audio)


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Dictionary definition of elope

To run away secretly and often hastily with a romantic partner to get married without the knowledge or consent of their families or others who might object.
"Against their families' wishes, the young couple decided to elope."


Detailed meaning of elope

It implies a sense of spontaneity and a desire to bypass traditional wedding customs or societal expectations. When two individuals elope, they typically make a deliberate decision to escape together, often to a different location, in order to exchange vows and legally marry. Elopements are often associated with couples who wish to defy parental disapproval or societal norms, seeking a more intimate and private union. While eloping can be seen as a romantic and adventurous act, it may also carry consequences or emotional complexities as it circumvents the traditional wedding ceremony and celebrations usually involving family and friends.

Example sentences containing elope

1. The couple made a spontaneous decision to elope and get married in secret.
2. They plan to elope to a tropical island and have a small beach wedding.
3. The young lovers decided to elope against their families' wishes.
4. They couldn't wait any longer and decided to elope that very night.
5. The forbidden romance led the couple to elope and start a new life together.
6. The couple wanted to avoid the stress of a traditional wedding and chose to elope instead.

History and etymology of elope

The verb 'elope' has a fascinating etymology that can be traced back to medieval Europe. It originates from the Old French word 'eloper,' which means 'to escape' or 'to run away.' This Old French term, in turn, has its roots in the Latin word 'ex' (meaning 'out of') and 'lopus' (meaning 'place'), combining to convey the idea of escaping from a particular place. In the context of romantic relationships, 'elope' came to describe the act of two people, often young lovers, running away together to get married secretly and hastily, typically without the knowledge or consent of their families or others who might object. The term 'elope' has retained its connection to the notion of escaping and pursuing love against external constraints, making it a word with a rich history and romantic connotations.

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Further usage examples of elope

1. They had been planning to elope for months, keeping it a secret from everyone.
2. The runaway bride and groom decided to elope to a picturesque European city.
3. The young couple's families were against their relationship, so they decided to elope.
4. They couldn't wait for their families' approval, so they chose to elope and marry privately.
5. The couple decided to elope after realizing they didn't want a big, extravagant wedding.
6. They fell deeply in love and made the impulsive decision to elope and start their life together.
7. They couldn't wait any longer and chose to elope in a small seaside town.
8. The couple's decision to elope shocked their friends and family.
9. They planned to elope and surprise everyone with their sudden marriage.
10. She couldn't bear the thought of a grand wedding, so she convinced her partner to elope.
11. The couple's decision to elope was met with mixed reactions from their families.
12. They saved up their money to elope and start their married life on their own terms.
13. The lovers decided to elope after realizing their families would never approve of their relationship.
14. The couple's spontaneous decision to elope created an unforgettable memory for them both.



abscond, stay, remain, settle


Departure and Leaving, Passion and Pulchritude, Love and Sex

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