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How to pronounce emit (audio)

Dictionary definition of emit

To release, discharge, or give off something, typically in the form of energy, particles, sound, or light.
"The alarm will emit a loud sound if triggered."

Detailed meaning of emit

It signifies the intentional or unintentional act of sending out or emitting substances, signals, or waves into the surrounding environment. When an object or a source emits something, it implies a transfer or projection of energy or matter from within itself outward. This emission can take various forms, such as emitting a fragrance, emitting sound waves, emitting light, or emitting gases. The verb "emit" is often used to describe natural phenomena, technological processes, or human actions that involve the outward release of substances or energy, contributing to the overall dynamic interactions within a system or the external world.

Example sentences containing emit

1. The fireflies will emit light when it gets dark.
2. These speakers emit high-quality sound for a more immersive experience.
3. The flowers emit a lovely fragrance that fills the garden.
4. Whenever you press the button, the device will emit a beep.
5. Some minerals emit radiation, so it's important to handle them carefully.
6. The new air purifiers emit ions to clean the air.

History and etymology of emit

The verb 'emit' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'emittere,' which is a combination of 'ex,' meaning 'out,' and 'mittere,' meaning 'to send.' In its original Latin form, 'emittere' meant 'to send out' or 'to discharge.' Over time, the term 'emit' made its way into the English language, retaining its fundamental meaning of releasing or discharging something, often in the form of energy, particles, sound, or light. 'Emit' is used to describe various processes where something is sent out or given off, emphasizing the act of putting forth or radiating specific elements or phenomena from a source, reflecting its Latin origins in the concept of sending out or discharging.

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Further usage examples of emit

1. Certain chemicals emit harmful gases when combined.
2. The street performers emit an energetic vibe that attracts a crowd.
3. The space heater will emit warmth to keep the room cozy.
4. The TV remote will emit infrared signals to change channels.
5. The candles emit a soft light, perfect for setting a romantic mood.
6. The phone will emit a signal that helps us to locate it.
7. The nightlight will emit a soft glow to keep the room from being completely dark.
8. The router will emit Wi-Fi signals throughout the house.
9. The radio will emit static if it’s not tuned correctly.
10. The sensor will emit an alarm if it detects movement.
11. The trees emit oxygen, which is vital for our survival.
12. The beacon will emit signals to guide the ships through the fog.
13. The machines in the factory emit loud noises, making it necessary to wear ear protection.
14. The sun will emit intense radiation during the solar eclipse.
15. The campfire will emit a warm, comforting glow tonight.
16. The exhaust pipe emits harmful pollutants into the air.
17. The radio tower will emit a strong signal for miles.
18. The neon sign will emit a vibrant, colorful display.
19. The volcano is expected to emit ash and smoke soon.
20. The speaker will emit crisp and clear music at the concert.
21. The fluorescent lights emit a steady, flicker-free illumination.
22. The fireworks display will emit dazzling bursts of color.
23. The radioactive material must not emit any harmful radiation.
24. The electronic device can emit a distress signal if needed.



discharge, absorb, withhold, contain


Prefix em-, Communication and Expression, Vitality and Vigor, Distribution and Supplementary

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