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How to pronounce emasculate (audio)

Dictionary definition of emasculate

To weaken, deprive, or castrate someone or something of its power, effectiveness, or masculinity.
"The constant criticism and rejection started to emasculate his confidence."

Detailed meaning of emasculate

When someone emasculates another person, they may do so through words or actions that are meant to undermine their confidence, authority, or masculinity. This can range from subtle insults or belittling, to more overt displays of power or control. Emasculation can also refer to the physical removal of a male's testicles, thereby castrating him. In general, emasculate is a term used to describe the act of disempowering or stripping someone or something of its masculinity, strength, or effectiveness.

Example sentences containing emasculate

1. The constant criticism seemed to emasculate his self-confidence.
2. The loss of his job didn't emasculate his sense of self-worth.
3. Such gender stereotypes only serve to emasculate men.
4. The virus can emasculate the body's immune system.
5. The dictator sought to emasculate opposition voices.
6. The economic downturn can emasculate a nation's prosperity.

History and etymology of emasculate

The verb 'emasculate' has its origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'emasculare,' which is formed by combining 'e,' meaning 'out of' or 'away from,' and 'masculus,' meaning 'male' or 'masculine.' In its literal sense, 'emasculare' originally referred to the act of castrating a male animal, thereby removing its reproductive organs. Over time, the term's meaning broadened to include the figurative sense of weakening, depriving, or robbing someone or something of its power, effectiveness, or masculinity. The etymology of 'emasculate' thus emphasizes the concept of taking away or diminishing qualities associated with masculinity, resulting in a loss of strength, vigor, or effectiveness.

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Further usage examples of emasculate

1. Years of neglect had emasculated the once-mighty fortress.
2. The authoritarian regime's censorship aims to emasculate free speech.
3. The prolonged illness appeared to emasculate his strength.
4. The unethical behavior will emasculate the company's reputation.
5. Discrimination can emasculate the aspirations of marginalized groups.
6. Corruption can emasculate the foundations of democracy.
7. Continuous failures can emasculate one's motivation.
8. The toxic relationship slowly emasculated his self-esteem.
9. Don't let fear emasculate your willingness to take risks.
10. The authoritarian regime attempted to emasculate the freedom of the press.
11. The relentless bullying he endured in school aimed to emasculate him in front of his peers.
12. The societal pressure to conform to traditional gender roles can emasculate men who don't fit the mold.
13. The demeaning remarks from his colleagues served to emasculate him in the workplace.
14. The toxic culture of body shaming can emasculate men by attacking their physical appearance.
15. The sexist remarks were meant to emasculate her and undermine her authority.
16. He feared that expressing vulnerability would emasculate him in the eyes of others.
17. The societal expectations of toughness and aggression can emasculate men who embrace sensitivity and empathy.
18. The pressure to conform to rigid gender norms can emasculate individuals who identify outside the binary.
19. The constant comparison to his more successful sibling only served to emasculate him further.
20. The systematic discrimination faced by marginalized communities can emasculate their aspirations and opportunities.
21. The subtle forms of sexism in the workplace can emasculate men by dismissing their contributions.
22. The cultural stigmatization of mental health issues can emasculate men by discouraging emotional expression and seeking help.



weaken, strengthen, empower, fortify


Prefix em-, ACT 3 (American College Testing), Damage and Destruction, Decline and Decay, Reduce and Weaken

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