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anoint, ignore, neglect, dry


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How to pronounce embrocate (audio)


Dictionary definition of embrocate

To apply a liquid or medicated substance to the body by rubbing or massaging it in.
"The therapist will embrocate your muscles with a soothing lotion."

Detailed meaning of embrocate

It involves the process of gently and skillfully rubbing a topical solution or ointment onto the skin, muscles, or joints for therapeutic purposes. Embrocating is often done to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, or promote healing in specific areas of the body. The act of embrocating can involve using various techniques, such as circular motions, gentle strokes, or targeted pressure, to ensure proper absorption and distribution of the applied substance. This verb is commonly used in the context of applying liniments, balms, or oils during massage therapy, sports therapy, or self-care routines. The term "embrocate" encapsulates the action of carefully and methodically applying a liquid solution to provide relief, comfort, or healing to the body.

Example sentences containing embrocate

1. After a strenuous workout, it’s good to embrocate your legs to alleviate muscle pain.
2. If you embrocate the oil on your skin, it may help with dryness.
3. Make sure to embrocate the ointment gently so as not to irritate the wound.
4. The spa offers a treatment where they embrocate your body with essential oils.
5. During the massage, they will embrocate your back with warm, aromatic oils.
6. If you embrocate the herbal balm onto your temples, it might relieve your headache.

History and etymology of embrocate

The verb 'embrocate' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'embrocatus,' the past participle of 'embrocare,' which means 'to anoint' or 'to rub on.' This Latin term is a combination of 'em,' meaning 'in,' and 'brocare,' meaning 'to prick' or 'to puncture.' Originally, 'embrocare' referred to the act of anointing or applying a liquid, often a medicated one, to the body by rubbing or massaging it in. This practice was commonly used in ancient medicine as a means of providing relief or treatment for various ailments. Over time, the term 'embrocate' made its way into the English language, retaining its association with the act of applying a liquid or medicated substance to the body through rubbing or massaging. Today, it is used in medical contexts to describe the application of topical treatments in a soothing or therapeutic manner.

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Further usage examples of embrocate

1. The physical therapist advised him to embrocate his knee with a cooling gel.
2. To soothe your sunburn, embrocate aloe vera gel onto the affected areas.
3. Athletes often embrocate their muscles with a menthol rub to reduce soreness.
4. Embrocate the medicine onto your skin and leave it on overnight.
5. They embrocate the leather with a special conditioner to keep it supple.
6. To keep your skin smooth and hydrated, embrocate with lotion daily.
7. It is beneficial to embrocate the affected area with a warm compress for pain relief.
8. It's good practice to embrocate your feet with moisturizer before putting on socks.
9. When you embrocate this serum on your face, you will notice an improvement in skin texture.
10. Embrocate the baby's skin with a gentle, fragrance-free lotion to prevent dryness.
11. If you have a cold, embrocate your chest with a vapor rub to help clear your airways.
12. Before going out in the cold, embrocate your hands with a thick cream to protect them.
13. It's recommended to embrocate this oil on your scalp for healthier hair.
14. Athletes often embrocate muscle ointments before intense workouts.
15. She would embrocate soothing oils onto her temples for relaxation.
16. To relieve pain, he would embrocate the balm onto his sore joints.
17. The massage therapist would embrocate scented oils for aromatherapy.
18. Before bedtime, she would embrocate lavender oil on her wrists.
19. To alleviate congestion, he would embrocate a menthol rub on his chest.
20. In traditional medicine, practitioners embrocate herbal remedies.
21. The spa offered treatments that embrocated therapeutic creams.
22. The athlete embrocated liniment to warm up his muscles.
23. The hiker would embrocate insect repellent on exposed skin.
24. Before a race, runners often embrocate warming gels for muscle readiness.

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