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How to pronounce emend (audio)


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Dictionary definition of emend

To correct or improve a text, particularly in reference to literary or historical works.
"The committee will emend the guidelines to reflect current policies."


Detailed meaning of emend

The term is commonly used in the field of textual criticism, where scholars examine and compare different versions of a text in order to identify and correct errors or inconsistencies. Emendation can also include updating an old text to modern standards, or to make it more readable for contemporary audiences. The goal of emendation is to produce a more accurate and reliable version of the text, which is considered to be more valuable for research and study. Overall, the term emend refers to the process of correcting and improving a text for the purpose of making it more accurate and reliable.

Example sentences containing emend

1. The publisher decided to emend the draft before sending it to print.
2. The professor will emend the errors in our research papers.
3. I found it necessary to emend the incorrect facts in the article.
4. The editor felt obliged to emend some sections of the novel.
5. The historian aimed to emend misrepresentations of the event.
6. The author was asked to emend the book before publication.

History and etymology of emend

The verb 'emend' has its origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'emendare,' which combines 'e-' meaning 'out' or 'thoroughly' and 'mendum' meaning 'fault' or 'blemish.' Thus, the etymology of 'emend' conveys the idea of thoroughly removing or correcting faults or blemishes. This Latin term was later incorporated into English, specifically in the context of literature and historical texts, to describe the act of correcting or improving a text by eliminating errors or imperfections. The etymology of 'emend' underscores its historical association with the meticulous process of refining and perfecting written works, emphasizing the removal of flaws to achieve greater accuracy and clarity.

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Further usage examples of emend

1. The playwright chose to emend several lines in the script to improve flow.
2. We should emend the project proposal before the final presentation.
3. Scholars often emend original texts to clarify their meanings.
4. The software developer was asked to emend the program's source code.
5. I prefer to emend my work before I submit it for review.
6. He decided to emend the thesis statement for clarity.
7. The team agreed to emend the design to better suit the client's needs.
8. The film director decided to emend the movie script to add more suspense.
9. The poet decided to emend his verse to make it more impactful.
10. The translator had to emend the document to accurately convey the original meaning.
11. The teacher requested the students to emend their drafts for the final submission.
12. The linguist chose to emend the outdated terms in the dictionary.
13. The architect decided to emend the blueprints after receiving new client input.
14. The conference organizers decided to emend the schedule to accommodate more speakers.



correct, ruin, spoil, damage


Prefix em-, GRE 8 (Graduate Record Examination), Progress and Enhancement, Improvement and Deterioration

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