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forceful, unemphatic, tentative, hesitant


Prefix em-, TOEFL 3, Insight and Intrigue, Emotional Intensity and Reactions, Exaggeration and Grandiosity



How to pronounce emphatic (audio)


Dictionary definition of emphatic

Pertaining to a strong, forceful, and unequivocal manner of expression or emphasis.
"The coach was emphatic in his instructions to the team."

Detailed meaning of emphatic

When someone or something is described as emphatic, it means that there is a clear and resolute emphasis placed on a particular point, idea, statement, or action. An emphatic statement or gesture is marked by a deliberate intention to convey significance, urgency, or conviction. It often involves using powerful words, body language, or tone to underscore the importance of the message or to assert a position firmly. Emphatic communication can be particularly effective in driving home a point, making a strong impression, or leaving no room for doubt or misunderstanding. In essence, being emphatic is about leaving a bold and memorable impact, ensuring that the message or action is heard and understood with unwavering clarity.

Example sentences containing emphatic

1. The CEO made an emphatic statement to the press about the company's future.
2. The teacher gave an emphatic warning to the students about the consequences of cheating.
3. The singer delivered an emphatic performance that brought the audience to their feet.
4. The politician spoke with an emphatic voice, making her point crystal clear.
5. The referee made an emphatic call that determined the outcome of the game.
6. The boss gave an emphatic thumbs up to the new project proposal.

History and etymology of emphatic

The adjective 'emphatic' has its etymological origins in the Greek language. It is derived from the Greek word 'emphatikos,' which means 'expressive' or 'forcible.' The term 'emphatic' in English pertains to a strong, forceful, and unequivocal manner of expression or emphasis. It signifies the use of language and communication in a way that leaves no room for doubt or ambiguity. An emphatic statement or action carries a sense of certainty and insistence, making it clear and impactful. Therefore, the etymology of 'emphatic' reflects its historical connection to the idea of forceful and expressive communication, emphasizing the strength and clarity of expression, as conveyed by its linguistic heritage.

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Further usage examples of emphatic

1. The writer used an emphatic tone to convey the urgency of the situation.
2. The doctor was emphatic that the patient needed to get plenty of rest.
3. The lawyer made an emphatic argument in defense of her client.
4. The parent gave an emphatic order to their child to clean up their room.
5. The scientist presented an emphatic conclusion based on the research findings.
6. Her emphatic refusal to compromise surprised and impressed everyone.
7. The judge delivered an emphatic and unequivocal ruling on the matter.
8. His emphatic and passionate speech deeply resonated with the audience.
9. The team's emphatic victory was met with cheers and celebrations.
10. She made an emphatic and powerful statement about her beliefs.
11. His emphatic and vigorous gestures underscored the importance of his message.
12. The teacher gave an emphatic and stern reminder about assignment deadlines.
13. The applause that followed was emphatic, long-lasting, and heartfelt.
14. The CEO's emphatic and unwavering support boosted the team's morale.
15. Their emphatic and enthusiastic endorsement greatly bolstered his confidence.
16. The coach delivered an emphatic and motivating pep talk before the big game.
17. The crowd's emphatic response showed their wholehearted appreciation.
18. Her emphatic and resolute reaction left no room for doubt or confusion.
19. His emphatic and unwavering insistence on quality set a high standard.
20. The applause grew louder and more emphatic as the performance concluded.
21. The president made an emphatic and heartfelt promise to the nation.
22. The team received an emphatic and raucous ovation from their fans.
23. Her emphatic and charismatic presence commanded immediate attention.
24. His emphatic and well-reasoned response effectively silenced the critics.
25. The results provided emphatic and irrefutable proof of their success.

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