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How to pronounce vigorous (audio)

Dictionary definition of vigorous

Characterized by robustness, energy, and intensity.
"The athlete embarked on a vigorous training regimen to prepare for the upcoming competition."

Detailed meaning of vigorous

It conveys a sense of strength, vitality, and active engagement. When applied to a person, it suggests a lively and dynamic nature, marked by enthusiasm, stamina, and a determined approach. In the context of physical activities or exercises, it signifies a high level of exertion and forcefulness. Additionally, "vigorous" can be used to describe processes, debates, or discussions that are intense, animated, and vigorous in nature, exhibiting a strong and fervent quality. Overall, "vigorous" portrays an attribute or activity that is characterized by active, powerful, and spirited involvement.

Example sentences containing vigorous

1. The vigorous workout left me feeling energized and invigorated.
2. The team engaged in a vigorous debate to find a solution to the problem.
3. The vigorous wind gusts toppled trees and caused power outages.
4. After a vigorous cleaning session, the house looked sparkling and fresh.
5. The coach praised the player for his vigorous efforts during the game.
6. The vigorous waves crashed against the rocky shoreline, creating a mesmerizing sight.

History and etymology of vigorous

The adjective 'vigorous' is derived from the noun 'vigor,' which itself finds its etymological roots in Latin. 'Vigor' comes from the Latin word 'vigor,' meaning 'active strength' or 'vitality.' In Latin, it is connected to 'vigeo,' signifying 'to be lively' or 'to thrive.' In English, 'vigorous' is used to describe something characterized by robustness, energy, and intensity. It conveys the idea of being full of vitality and exhibiting a high level of strength and activity. Whether applied to a physical activity, a person's health, or the fervor of an undertaking, 'vigorous' captures the sense of dynamism and force that propels something forward with enthusiasm and vigor. The etymology of 'vigorous' reflects the enduring human admiration for vitality and the energetic pursuit of goals and endeavors.

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Further usage examples of vigorous

1. The vigorous applause echoed through the concert hall after the stunning performance.
2. The politician delivered a vigorous speech, captivating the audience with his passion.
3. The hiker embarked on a vigorous trek through the challenging mountain terrain.
4. The vigorous massage helped relieve the tension in my muscles.
5. The vigorous rainstorm soaked everything in its path.
6. The boxer delivered a series of vigorous punches, knocking out his opponent.
7. The company implemented a vigorous training program to enhance employee skills.
8. The vigorous growth of the plant indicated its resilience and vitality.
9. The dancer's vigorous movements showcased her agility and strength.
10. The runner maintained a vigorous pace throughout the marathon, finishing in record time.
11. The scientist conducted a vigorous experiment to test the hypothesis.
12. The vigorous opposition to the new policy sparked heated debates.
13. The chef prepared a vigorous and flavorful dish using fresh ingredients.
14. The company's vigorous marketing campaign increased its brand visibility and sales.
15. The wind blew with a vigorous force, causing the trees to sway and leaves to scatter.
16. The team displayed a vigorous defense, tirelessly blocking their opponents' every move.
17. The company implemented a vigorous marketing campaign to promote its new product.
18. After a vigorous debate, the committee reached a unanimous decision.
19. The hiker embarked on a vigorous climb, scaling the steep mountain with determination.
20. The toddler giggled with vigorous excitement as he chased after the colorful balloons.
21. The dance troupe performed a vigorous routine, showcasing their impressive athleticism.
22. The professor delivered a vigorous lecture, engaging the students with thought-provoking ideas.
23. The garden thrived under the vigorous care of the dedicated gardener, yielding vibrant blooms.
24. The politician made a vigorous effort to connect with voters, attending numerous campaign events.
25. The orchestra concluded their performance with a vigorous crescendo, leaving the audience in awe.



energetic, lethargic, weak, inactive


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