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How to pronounce enact (audio)

Dictionary definition of enact

To make a law, rule, or policy official and legally binding by passing and putting it into effect.
"The parliament is expected to enact reforms to the healthcare system."

Detailed meaning of enact

When a legislative body or authority enacts a piece of legislation, it involves the formal process of passing and approving a proposal, transforming it into a binding law. Enacting laws is a fundamental function of governments, as it allows them to establish and regulate various aspects of society, from public safety to economic policies. "Enact" emphasizes the transition from an idea or proposal to a fully enforceable rule or regulation, indicating that the measure has become an integral part of the legal framework and is subject to compliance and enforcement by the relevant authorities.

Example sentences containing enact

1. The government plans to enact new environmental regulations.
2. The city council will enact a curfew to improve safety.
3. The president will enact an executive order on healthcare.
4. The legislature is set to enact stricter gun control laws.
5. The school board will enact a dress code policy.
6. They aim to enact reforms to the immigration system.

History and etymology of enact

The verb 'enact' has its roots in the Old French word 'enactier,' which was derived from the Latin word 'enactus.' In Latin, 'enactus' is the past participle of 'enago,' meaning 'to drive in' or 'to carry out.' This Latin origin reflects the idea of putting something into action or effect, which is central to the modern sense of 'enact' as making a law, rule, or policy official and legally binding. The etymology of 'enact' underscores the process of bringing legislation or regulations into force, emphasizing the act of driving or carrying out the implementation of these legal measures.

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Further usage examples of enact

1. The mayor wants to enact a ban on single-use plastics.
2. The parliament is expected to enact tax reforms this year.
3. The board of directors will enact a new company policy.
4. The court will enact a restraining order to protect the victim.
5. The council will enact zoning changes for urban development.
6. The governor will enact emergency measures in the crisis.
7. The university will enact new admission requirements.
8. The committee intends to enact anti-discrimination laws.
9. The congress will enact budget legislation for the year.
10. The president plans to enact reforms in the healthcare system.
11. The city will enact traffic regulations to ease congestion.
12. The board will enact safety protocols for the workplace.
13. The council is set to enact affordable housing policies.
14. The government plans to enact new legislation to curb corruption.
15. The theater troupe will enact a play about social justice.
16. The school board decided to enact a dress code policy.
17. The company will enact cost-cutting measures to stay afloat.
18. The mayor vowed to enact policies to address homelessness.
19. The actor will enact the role of the villain in the movie.
20. The organization wants to enact changes to its bylaws.
21. The city council voted to enact a ban on plastic bags.
22. The president's executive order will enact new sanctions.
23. The union hopes to enact better working conditions for its members.
24. The committee plans to enact a resolution in favor of environmental conservation.



legislate, repeal, revoke, rescind


Announcement and Declaration, Decision and Discretion, Strategic Planning and Execution, Organization and Coordination

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