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How to pronounce endorsement (audio)


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Dictionary definition of endorsement

The act of giving approval, support, or public recognition to someone or something.
"The company proudly displayed the endorsements from satisfied customers on their website."


Detailed meaning of endorsement

It represents a formal or official declaration of endorsement, often provided by individuals, organizations, or influential figures, to express their belief in the value, quality, or credibility of a product, service, idea, or person. Endorsements can take various forms, such as written statements, testimonials, public declarations, or even the use of one's image or name in promotional materials. They are typically intended to build trust, enhance reputation, and encourage others to trust, support, or invest in the endorsed entity or individual. Endorsements can carry significant weight, as they leverage the credibility, expertise, or popularity of the endorser to positively influence public perception and decision-making.

Example sentences containing endorsement

1. The celebrity's endorsement of the new skincare product instantly boosted its popularity.
2. The athlete's endorsement of the sports drink led to a significant increase in sales.
3. The politician sought the endorsement of prominent community leaders to gain support for their campaign.
4. The chef's endorsement of the cooking utensils gave them credibility among aspiring cooks.
5. The author's endorsement of the book appeared on the cover, attracting readers' attention.
6. The musician's endorsement of the musical instrument brand attracted aspiring musicians to their products.

History and etymology of endorsement

The noun 'endorsement' has its etymological roots in the Old French word 'endossement,' which is derived from the verb 'endosser,' meaning 'to put on one's back' or 'to assume responsibility for.' This term was formed by combining 'en,' meaning 'in,' and 'dos,' meaning 'back.' Over time, 'endorsement' evolved to represent the act of putting one's figurative support or approval 'on the back' of someone or something. It signifies the formal declaration or public recognition of approval, support, or backing, highlighting the historical connection between the term and the idea of taking responsibility for, or vouching for, a person or cause.

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Further usage examples of endorsement

1. The athlete signed a lucrative endorsement deal with a major sportswear company.
2. The charity received an endorsement from a well-known philanthropist, which helped raise funds for their cause.
3. The actor's endorsement of the car brand created a buzz and increased its desirability among consumers.
4. The product's endorsement by industry experts solidified its reputation as a top choice in the market.
5. The politician proudly shared the endorsement of a respected national organization, highlighting their credibility and support.
6. The celebrity's endorsement boosted the product's sales significantly.
7. The senator's endorsement carried great weight in the election.
8. The company sought the athlete's endorsement for their campaign.
9. Her endorsement of the charity's mission inspired many.
10. The organization received a prestigious endorsement from the mayor.
11. The teacher's endorsement of the student's talent was heartfelt.
12. His endorsement helped the startup secure vital funding.
13. The artist's endorsement of the art gallery drew a large crowd.
14. The athlete's endorsement deal was a lucrative opportunity.
15. The musician's endorsement of the music festival was pivotal.
16. The actor's endorsement of the film added to its credibility.
17. The scientist's endorsement of the research was groundbreaking.
18. The chef's endorsement of the restaurant made it renowned.
19. The endorsement from the critic improved the book's reputation.
20. The professor's endorsement of the student's thesis was vital.
21. The politician's endorsement of the policy was highly anticipated.
22. The athlete's endorsement of the shoe brand was authentic.
23. The endorsement by the community leader inspired unity.
24. The CEO's endorsement of the project led to its success.
25. The endorsement of sustainable practices is crucial today.



approval, disapproval, rejection, condemnation


Prefix en-, Suffix -ment, ACT 9 (American College Testing), Approval and Endorsement, Praise and Respect

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