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How to pronounce enrage (audio)

Dictionary definition of enrage

To cause intense anger, fury, or rage in someone or something.
"His constant interruptions during the meeting began to enrage his colleagues."

Detailed meaning of enrage

When a person is enraged, they experience a state of extreme anger, often accompanied by strong emotional reactions and a loss of control. Enraging can be triggered by various factors, such as an offense, an injustice, a betrayal, or a frustrating situation. It typically involves a profound and overwhelming emotional response, characterized by intense feelings of anger, resentment, and indignation. Enraging can result in heightened aggression, heated confrontations, or a strong desire for retaliation. The effect of being enraged can have significant consequences on an individual's behavior, relationships, and overall well-being, often requiring efforts to manage or diffuse the intense emotions experienced.

Example sentences containing enrage

1. The ill-treatment of the dog was enough to enrage any animal lover.
2. The unfairness of the decision served to enrage the crowd.
3. Sally's blatant disregard for her teammates' efforts only served to enrage them.
4. The lack of customer service at the restaurant did nothing but enrage us.
5. The politician's insensitive remarks were sure to enrage his opponents.
6. The sight of the ruined book collection was enough to enrage the old librarian.

History and etymology of enrage

The verb 'enrage' finds its etymological roots in the Old French word 'enrager,' which was derived from the prefix 'en-' indicating 'cause to be' and the Old French word 'rage,' meaning 'rage' or 'fury.' 'Rage' itself can be traced back to the Latin word 'rabies,' which denoted 'madness' or 'frenzy.' Therefore, when we explore the etymology of 'enrage,' we uncover a historical lineage that emphasizes the idea of causing intense anger, fury, or rage in someone or something, much like igniting a fiery and uncontrollable emotional response. This word aptly captures the notion of provoking extreme anger or agitation, harkening back to its origins in expressions of intense emotional turmoil.

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Further usage examples of enrage

1. His incessant loud music at night was starting to enrage the neighbors.
2. Her refusal to admit her mistake began to enrage her supervisor.
3. The destruction of the historical monument managed to enrage the whole community.
4. The injustice of the system continued to enrage activists around the globe.
5. Their refusal to listen to his proposals only served to enrage him further.
6. The unfair decision is sure to enrage the protesters.
7. His offensive comments managed to enrage everyone present.
8. The unjust ruling will enrage the affected families.
9. The news of the layoffs is likely to enrage the employees.
10. Her betrayal will enrage those who trusted her.
11. The controversial policy change has the potential to enrage citizens.
12. The provocative article may enrage some readers.
13. A careless mistake can easily enrage a perfectionist.
14. The reckless driver's actions tend to enrage other motorists.
15. Political scandals often enrage the public.
16. The unexpected loss will enrage the team's fans.
17. Unchecked corruption can enrage an entire nation.
18. His insensitive remarks could enrage even the most patient people.
19. The provocative art piece was designed to enrage critics.
20. Discriminatory policies continue to enrage marginalized communities.
21. The callous act of cruelty can enrage animal lovers.
22. The deceptive advertising tactics may enrage consumers.
23. The controversial decision is bound to enrage many stakeholders.
24. Repeated injustice can enrage even the most peaceful individuals.
25. The deliberate insult was meant to enrage his opponent.



infuriate, calm, soothe, placate


Prefix en-, Suffix -age, Vexation and Aggravation, Cause and Effect, Gloom and Unpleasantness, Emotional Intensity and Reactions, Anger and Hatred

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